Getting ready

Here we are less than 30 days away from lake Dora and we are officially into the prep time countdown. As in that magical time, where we all realize that we better get out in the barn and start prepping. NOW! I swear it was yesterday that we were doing Last Gasp stories.

Alan guiding in the Van Ness engine

Getting there

Well, here it is. Plaidtastic the latest show stopper out of Katzs Marina is getting close. And then being shipped to The big Sunnyland Show for you to see.


And the VanNess Engineering Engine goes in her old home!

Very cool and wild colors!

Still on the fence about going? WHAT? You know you need to go! Even if its just to throw on some shorts, suntan lotion and feel like a human again. We promise, this year is going to be a memorable year, and you will one day look back and say, hey, I was there that year that they did something different, and you know what? It was fun!

Very cool look!

You can find out more about the Sunnyland Show by clicking RIGHT HERE


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11 Responses to “Plaidtastic Is Almost Ready For Lake Dora. Are You?”
  1. Shep22

    The show committee in Florida are working hard to make this a memorable event and deserve everyone’s support — so let’s all get there to show we appreciate their very difficult job.

  2. Matt

    Yes they are, and we all need to do our part to help. All we need to do is show up and have fun. how hard is that?

  3. Old Salt

    Can someone tell me about the plates on the outside bottom of the transom. Are the for looks or for support? I don’t think I have seen them on other boats.

  4. steve bunda

    The plates would protect the end grain of the side planks from splintering . The hull construction was odd because the side planks were not capped by the transom planks . Thus end grain was showing and this allowed water to migrate into the side plank ends.

  5. floyd r turbo

    Looks like all the side planks are covered by the transom but thats just my view and experience as is customary for the few CC model’s I’ve seen. Its the bottom planks that usually run past the transom planks which appears to be the case here as well. Maybe its more of a “cute” detail since there are no transom bands?

    • Mark

      Floyd is wrong.

      I have the same boat and Steve Bunda is correct. The side planks cap the transom planks and the end grain is exposed.

  6. Andy C

    Just picked up this plaidtastic cooler today. Now if I only had the right boat to go with it…

  7. Floyd r turbo

    Running screws into end grain??? Especially. 7/16” planking is not recommended boat construction although this is more for appearance than function, it seems.