Nice cruiser and even cooler Dock art. Love the swirl. Is that a Michigan thing?

Too bad there isn’t a reason this year to go visit the good folks up in Michigan, so we thought we would share some nice old photo of the Colony Canal in Algonac. For many up there, this is now a row of house and a neighborhood, and home to Colony Marine owned by Pete Beauregard.



Pete also owns the old Chris Craft Plant.  And is the home of the Algonac show.

The marina at the location of the old plant

This is the last of the older photos found on ebay.

Wide open

Stay out!

Molly -O rules the canal!

Lots of boating in the area

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21 Responses to “Colony Canal In Algonac Back In The Day”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    But Matt you are mistaken. There are two great reasons to visit this great area. Of course there is the international show in Port Huron in September. But so you don’t have to wait that long there is also the 33rd annual “Where it all Began” event at the Harbour Club in Algonac in June. We are celebrating our Chapter’s 40th anniversary wth three days of events on these great boating waters. Come to Michigan two times this summer and we promise you a great time!

    • Flash

      Wow, I had no idea there was a boat show this year, let alone two! I’m clearing my calendar now!!

          • Mike W

            My mom would always yell “here comes/there goes Flash!” They lived on the corner lot at the end of Flamingo. Brown ranch that always had a Holiday Mansion houseboat out front. Actually the more I look at the header picture that could be the lot my parents built their house on. I plan on being at the show so hopefully I can finally catch a ride.

    • Art Armstrong

      And Matt not only will you be able to see ,and maybe get another ride in her, Molly-O will be at both the Where it all Began Algonac show and the international show.
      BTW Molly-O was at the first Algonac Show 40 years ago. She will be also celebrate her 80th birthday this summer as she was launched July 23 1938.

  2. Mike W

    Wow. What a way to wake up in the morning. I grew up running “The Flats” and this header looks to be a few lots from where my parents house was located. Those two houses look real familiar as most of the originals on Anchor Bay Drive are still standing and have changed little over the years. When I was a kid we water skied down the back canal before the new houses were built. My parents were also original members of the Chrysler Yacht Club which is now the North Channel Yacht Club. We love Lake Michigan but the Flats area still has so much to offer. So much history and so many areas to hide. I miss it. Sometimes everything comes together.
    Thanks, Matt

    • Matt

      WOW! How cool is that? And on top of all this there are two events up there. I mean what are the chances of that? Greg you should tell your club to use Woody boater to let people know. Dont be so quiet about it.

  3. Shep22

    Changing the subject, Tom the ‘master chucker’ at Palm Gardens tells me he is going to have new shirts in time for the boatshow, so, that means we can all go home with a new ‘Woodyboater Shirt’ and a new ‘Palm Gardens shirt’ and be all dressed up for the summer boating season.

  4. Matt

    What? There is a show in Florida? What the hell? Why are we not talking about that.

  5. Troy in ANE

    These old photo’s are AMAZING!

    Why have you not bought or at least brought to our attention the E-Bay listing titled “WOMEN NUDE IN BOAT AND BEACH LOT OF 20 VINTAGE 35mm BLACK & WHITE NEGATIVES”?
    I think these are going to go fast.

    Pretty amazing how things can change in less than 100 years.

  6. John Rothert

    Get your tape out Troy…I think the bottom babe’s ankles are 2 millimeters too small…..but you would not have noticed since you, like the rest of us, are “on crack”.

    Good times soon in Fla!!

    John in Va.

  7. Horace

    Hey Greg,

    How much water is there up there at the Harbor Club in case I bring my trawler? I’d hate to run aground. I think if we leave this week, we could make it there by June.

    Thanks, Horace

      • Troy in ANE

        You do realize there is a show just for Trawlers, right?

        Coming up just before Dora. March 8th – 11th in Stuart Florida. You might as well make a month of it.

        • Matt

          Good god! WHY? WHY for gods sake would a trawler show be… wait.. Kinda cool. No wait, no its not/

  8. m-fine

    All the Great Lakes have above average for the season water levels at the moment and I doubt that will change much by June.

    This is the perfect year for all of the trawler owners and trawler haters to cruise up to Michigan.