Broken power pole in yard!

If you live on the East coast, you felt it. Or still feeling it. Crazy winds, and for many in the North East, snow and rain. We here in Reedville just had very very powerful winds. Fences blown down, bridges closed, tree’s boats torn from there rotten cleats. You name it, even if it was bolted down, it blew all over the place. Including our main source of power. A tree came down on the power line and took out our power. And for most of the day, Woody Boater was down. Not for you, but for me to be able to monitor and fix issues. I had to drive a couple miles to get cell service to make calls, and emails.

Life! Dead! And still dead this morning.

Fences down

That’s not good

But we have a generator enough to drive the internet, and a couple other things. And so Woody Boater keeps on going, with a over ten year record of not missing a single day. Dang, it was like a hurricane. Just think, in around two weeks, we will be getting a sun tan and not worrying about hurricanes in Florida. Florida doesn’t get hurricanes? Right?

Generator doing its thing keeping computers going. No heat, just a wood stove

She is holding her own

White caps where white caps never are

We are in the lower upper right corner. Power outage, and still out this morning. Two main bridges closed. Causing a 2 hr detour to anyplace south.

Flags a flapp’n

How did you fare?

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17 Responses to “Insane Wind, Downed Power Lines – Woody Boater Plows On!”
  1. Troy in ANE

    Windy here in the ANE, but we still have power.

    Some “Coastal Flooding” shut down the local watering hole.

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    I have a framed 8×10 picture of a ship that Marianne gave me many years ago. I have always kept it on my desk and the inscription reads “Do not tell me of the storms you encountered, but did you bring in the ship”.
    Congratulations on not breaking your perfect 10 year record. WoodyBoaterville appreciates your efforts!

  3. m-fine

    Here is a pilot report from a CRJ flying into Dulles…


    I would rather have a fence to fix than to be the cleanup crew for that plane!

  4. Mark

    Up here in Eastern Mass we took a beating. We lost power at 4pm yesterday and are still running on generator for heat and food.

    The coastline took a real beating. Full moon and three high tides.

  5. Rick

    The Long Island Sound decided to visit Port Jefferson yesterday.

  6. Wilson

    Guess we all get something now and then…Nor’easters in New England, hurricanes in Florida and Louisiana, fires and floods in California and tornados in the middle of the country. Not sure anywhere is safe from some sort of occasional disaster…

    But congratulations on keeping Woody Boater going thru it all

  7. John Rothert

    even here in central Va….no power for 12 hours. Very strange day, sunny and bright spring day…blowing like a true hurricane ….and that went on and on and on…?

    John in Va.

  8. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)

    Sound like you people on the East coast are taking a beating. Hang in there and weather the storm, there is better weather ahead.. Thanks Matt for keeping the site up in such bad conditions.

  9. Dennis J Mykols

    I had to laugh at Matt’s comment, Generator doing well, Computers up, but NO HEAT !!! lol
    Now that’s dedication !!! Thanks for keeping up your continuous record, we all appreciate it. Now go warm up…

  10. Mark Edmonson

    Hey Matt, take it from an electric utility worker, you will out out a few days. That single pole down in your yard is way down on the list of repairs. Most utility company will restore hospitals, fire/police municipal water/sewer pumps and than any large outages. You are called “single outage customer”

  11. dreed

    I landed in Syracuse NY at 2:00 AM only to find my car looking like this. Amazingly the roads were cleared.

  12. m-fine

    That’s not too bad! If you can still tell which white lump is your car, it is only a light dusting.

    • dreed

      I had to use the panic button about three times before I found that right car.

  13. Shep22

    Like everyone else I congratulate you for keeping up your record, but, make sure the ‘boattress’ stays warm or your record won’t be worth squat!

  14. Kentucky Wonder

    When talking about boats in a storm, never say “We are holding our own.” That was the final transmission from the Edmund Fitzgerald.