Temporary Docks Ready to go in Taveres

We just got these images in from Lake Dora and its all good news. The temporary docks are ready to go in. The Sunnyland Chapter is going all out to keep the party going. Are you? made plans yet? WHAAAAAT? No? Times up. It’s party time. For gods sake! Have you looked outdoors. You in the North East just got dumped on like.

So? ya just gonna sit there? Get in your car and lets go. Just two weeks ish til the fun and all your friends will be taunting you with Florida Pictures.  You will be able talk about how you came to the party on “That Year” It will be a bonding moment for us all, and help a fantastic Chapter stay strong and put on another show next year and so on!  You can do it! Just tell the family you are going to the Hardware store…… in Taveres.. You can explain the sun tan, but that grin from ear to ear is gonna cause problems.

The Beach is waiting

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11 Responses to “Lake Dora Docks Are Getting Ready! Are You?”
  1. Troy in ANE

    We fly out of the ANE on the 17th!

    Unfortunately we will miss the St. Johns cruise this year. Does anyone know if the Outback Crab Shack ever reopened. That is a place that would give Palm Gardens a run for it’s money if it were in the canal. GREAT docks!

    • Jim Staib

      Outback has not reopened. Last year we found Safe Harbor in Mayport. Nice ride and excellent food. If it is calm you can venture out in the big pond.
      This year the cruise does not go to Jacksonville. It is ran out of Palatka.

  2. John Rothert

    pot roast at Jerimiah’s…..

    see you there.

    John in Va

  3. Tom

    I won’t be going to the beach! This guy was lurking under one of the ramps heading to the docks last year.

    • Ronald

      One of the first years I went to Mt Dora many years ago, before the show began there was a man waist deep in the water working on his outboard motor close to the ramp, I went over to the Marina there a few hundred yards away and walked the docks, There was a maybe 10 ft plus alligator hovering behind the boats, I would not want to be in the water there. Also saw a copperhead sunning on a rock close to shore there once, That is the only snake I have ever seen while there.

      • Wilson

        Don’t fret…that Gator is more afraid of you than you are of it….Now that copperhead is a different story….but then as you say…it was a one of a kind experience.

  4. Tom

    John, Kim ,Cindy and I will be waiting for y’all when you get here. We will have a weeks head start on most of y’all.

    Here’s to cruising the canal and chain of lakes.

  5. Mike K

    this must be broken, almost 8am central no response
    did mfine die? troy??? jim staib no snow today,

    sorry i cant make it this year, hopefully next

  6. Brian Mortimore

    Would anyone be available to share their love of woodyboating with a retired Florida friend of mine? He and his wife will be visiting the show and hope to talk wood boats with someone. Going for a ride is not a requirement but would be amazing and would likely seal the deal on his next purchase. Please send me an email at blmortimore@hotmail.com.