There is this thing in the air that is very bright and causing me to break out in a sweat. I kinda recall this from a long time ago. But I don’t  t recall the sweating and my eyes hurt. I find myself squinting now.  The good news is I am able to wear a t shirt. Anyone know what this may be?

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6 Responses to “There Is Something Strange Happening”
  1. Rick

    Not sure what that is as we don’t have any here on Long Island.

  2. Scott Ales

    Yeah, it was sunny enough here today. But the 20-30 mph gusts made it a bit challenging!

    Supposed to settle down for the next few days though.

    • Marty Feletto

      Scott. What boat is that?

      I’m here. Got in tonight. Key west resort hotel.


      • MikeM

        That’s Marty fishing for a boat ride.

        In his defense, he’s given plenty to “fishers”.

        Scott…give the man a ride.