Well, well, change of plans, we left at 9PM and made it too NC hopefully ahead of the storm. I had to wait last night for the Boatress who was flying in from Hawaii. Hopefully we stayed ahead of it all and behind all the Tornados and wind storms down south.  Boat in tow. You can follow us on the app headed south down 95. Hopefully we will update through out the day. Did you make it out?

For some reason this seems to happen every year around here. You can bet on it.

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14 Responses to “Will We Make It?”
  1. Jim Staib

    Come on down but leave the cold weather up there. We had to wear light jackets sitting out for evening cocktails last night. Only 66° here in Palatka today. Moving South to Astor.

  2. Old Salt

    State of emergency in effect for New Jersey. All commercial vehicles and all trailers are band from roads. Safe travels everyone.

  3. Skiffman

    Great updates on the southbound cruise. Hope everyone had a safe trip to Cresent City. See all in Astor tonight.

    • Wilson

      Where are Southbound cruise up dates and maybe pictures ? Weatherman made it sound like there was torrential rain and hail in Jacksonville Sunday evening. . Wonder how that affected the begining of the trip ?

  4. John Rothert

    Due to fly out of Richmond tomorrow afternoon…..hope snow stops, 3 to 5 expected. WHAT Spring?
    Be safe all.

    John in Va.

  5. cenger

    All flights from NY to Orlando cancelled tomorrow. We are going to be late!!!

    • m-fine

      Drive upstate. No snow in Rochester and Syracuse and they would fly out of here even if there was.

      • Dave Shepler

        We Fly out of Indy tomorrow afternoon and will be at the BW Leesburg late Thursday night. Storms will be gone by then no worries. See you Friday at the show!
        Safe travels to everyone

  6. Stephen Griffitts

    I made it to my hotel in Leesburg just a little while ago. I towed the late Paul Crisp’s 1928 Chris-Craft 24-foot Triple down here to help his widow, Kathy, try to sell it. This is Bumblebee that I wrote the article about in Issue 4, 2017, of The Brass Bell. It’s a beautiful boat. We will have it at the Antique Boat America tent.