Best Cuban food around. Get the specials on the back of the menue, two can share one item

Well, we did it, we escaped Toby and were able to make it to Lake Dora right around dinner time. Just in time for some amazing Cuban food and a good nights sleep.

We stopped along the way.

Best Cuban food around. Get the specials on the back of the menue, two can share one item

We drove past the show area and everything is ready to go. It is strange not seeing the docks, but in true Sunnyland fashion, there are still wonderful things to see and do. The area has cleaned up and also added some cool stuff around the park. New brick roads and other features. Even the Best Western that we all stay at is now a Comfort Inn and far far nicer than before. SO if you can still make it, we are setting up the tent today and will be open for business!

Two Apps going in the same car. I have found you have to be on the app and then your logo shows up where you are. Once you turn the app off, it stays where you were. Thats why sometimes you are stuck in a town.

Sun sun and more sun! It was windy as hell though. But today and the rest of the week are supposed to be perfect

Stay tuned for updates and tauntings from beautiful Florida!

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10 Responses to “Well, Hello Lake Dora, It’s So Nice To See You Again!”
  1. Jim Staib

    I remember asking you to leave the cold up North! My part of the river cruise has ended. Setting up soon.

  2. Wilson

    We leaving in about an hour…Probably make it after lunch….Depending on how quick we make it we might even turn off at Palm Gardens for late lunch

    • Dennis J Mykols

      Well, I will not be looking forward to any reports. lol It happens each year I do not make it down there, I sit here and kick myself reading about all the fun everyone is having…
      Oh well, at least we have had a long stretch of sunny skies for the past week, and will continue into next week. Unlike the East Coast, i will not have to shovel any of that white stuff…
      Thinkin about you all, Dennis and Ronnie

  3. Rick

    Slip-slided all the way to work today. Over a foot and a half of snow. Having trouble feeling sorry for you that it’s windy down there. Have fun and keep the pics and stories coming. It’s all I have to sustain myself through this newest storm.

  4. WoodyGal

    Arrrgh! Starting the morning off with taunts of Copacabana! You are killin’ me!

  5. Wlson

    Looked for you all at he show but the tent was empty and didn’t see you at the party tonight…