Photo – Rabbit

Happy Easter! Thats right, yesterday we spent the day on a Pontoon boat and to be honest. I get it. it was fun, had a party, and didnt have to clean it, or even care. I was able to go boating and no one waved or bothered me asking about the boat, or how thier grandfather had one back in the day. Women under 50 actually looked at me.

They are all waiting for summer

Okay they looked at me like some old man, but they looked at me, not the boat. Even the boatress was happy not smelling exhaust and gas.

Oh, wait!

The all new Pontoon Boater logo.

Oh ya! We are on the cutting edge of the classic boat world now! Wooohooo! ACPS, eat your heart out!


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17 Responses to “Woody Boater See’s The Light. We Are Changing Our Name To Pontoon Boater!”
  1. RiverRat

    They have their place. My brother got one so we coukd get my Mom out on The River to hang out we the whole family. Getting her in and out of the Lyman was getting too hard. She had a great time being with her family in August. I am so grateful because she was diagnosed with leukemia in September and gone by October first. She went to heaven on a pontoon.

  2. Richard S Gambino

    Darn, just when I hear there’s some kind if show up in Michigan for cool wooden boats to. So where is the next pontoon show?

    • Greg Lewandowski

      Yes Rich, there is a great classic boat show show in Port Huron in September and I am expecting to see Panther and her skipper there

  3. steve in the woods

    Even saw a video yesterday of a pontoon setting record @ 115mph! Folks will hot rod anything!

  4. ACPS

    This should have been started January first so 2018 could have been the year of the pontoon. Oh well, we can settle for the first day of the second quarter.

  5. Troy in ANE

    Darn I wish that I had PhotoShop!

    I would make a very nice Bikini with that logo.

    Now that I am back home my App is working again, just does not work when I am traveling.

  6. Mark

    I was on the lake last summer and someone offered me an old pontoon straight up for Rocket Man.

    What a fool I was not to take him up on it !

  7. Capt Cranky

    Pontoon in Hontoon….the natural place for a p-boat gathering! The next big thing…I’m just sayin!

  8. Rabbit

    I’m honored to have my beautiful feet there for all the world to enjoy.

    • Rex Ryan

      Please send me your contact info. I would like to get to know you better!

  9. floyd r turbo

    Hot Girls dig pontoons. Well, maybe not hot girls, hot mamas. Well, maybe not hot mamas, grandma’s

    • Richard Gambino

      If you own this you gotta play Jimmy Buffet tunes!

  10. thomas d

    i bought my wife a pontoon boat because I got tired (scared) of her asking where the brake was on the ’47 runabout every time she wanted to stop.