Mike at work. That’s acting!

Ever meet Mike Mayer from Lake Oswego Boat Works? No? Well, there is now a short film, by young director Ross Reaume of such films as  Newspaper Man, and Pedestrian, so you can get to know one of the stars of the Woody Boater universe. Mike has been pushing new ideas for years on how to help grow the culture of Woody Boating, and is a long time supporter of Woody Boater, as well as Tahoe Judge, and big time show winner.

Sons Of varnish RULE!

But Mikes best quality is his family. Great kids, amazing wife, and was fortunate enough to call his father “Hank the Plank” his best friend.

Cool signs around the shop

So, want to get to know more? Well.. Ladies and Gentlemen, and the rest of us, Without further adoo, the one and only, the wood worker with a soul, the man of the day, Wait, where was I? Oh ya, Here is the film. Enjoy!

A huge thanks to the film crew and director Ross Reaume and his crew for putting this together. Hopefully this will inspire others to do the same thing. You get a great idea of who we all are this way.

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21 Responses to “Un Film De Mike Mayer By Soon To Be Famed Director Ross Reaume”
  1. WoodyGal

    Bravo! Mike is one of the good guys! Nicely done short film.

  2. Troy in ANE

    Great Video!

    And there’s Mike in the stern of WECATCHUM at Dora 2016.

    • Reddog

      Who is the guy on the engine box throwing S.O.V. gang signs. What a playa.

  3. Bilge Rat

    Saw Fred “Hank the Plank” give a talk on plank spiling at a club event many years ago in New York. Glad to see the tradition still continues with his son.

  4. Alan Frederick

    From the years up at the Niagara Frontier Chapter, Fred (Hank the Plank) put on lots of really informative workshops. Mike is certainly carrying on the family workmanship tradition.
    Fred was a hell of great drummer in a local blues band back in WNY too. Used to love going to his “gigs”.

  5. Mike Green

    Great film, great friend and great restorer. His passion for the hobby and the boats he works on definitely shows.

  6. Tim Robinson

    Mike, now you have done it with your good looks, charm and now on film Hollywood will be calling soon.

  7. Brian Robinson

    I’m sure Mike’s forthcoming gel stain video will be of this high quality.

  8. Hugh Hefner

    That’s the serious Mike. I got video of the non-serious Mike…….not ready for YouTube…..

  9. MikeM's Agent

    Mr. T. Robinson, Mike wishes to thank you for your kind words. He said he won’t forget you when this takes off.

    Mr. Green, that photo is property of the MPM Modeling and Acting Academy and should be removed immediately.

    To everyone else, Mike promises he won’t change and that he loves you all!

  10. floyd r turbo

    …and no monkeys were harmed in this production. Had the good fortune to meet Mike through delivering boats and the Sunnyland/ACBS seminar a couple of years ago but read Hank the Plank way before that. They are both a great addition to woody boating.

  11. Troy in ANE

    The heck with Where’s Waldo. Where’s Mikeo in this WB Header?

  12. m-fine

    I missed this story this morning. It was so cold we decided to hit the road and head for Reedville. Stopped in Harrisburg for Chuck-Fil-a and will be in Reedville in time for dinner. I will watch the video after arrival and then send rude comments to Mike.

  13. Dick Dow

    Sheesh! Now we’re going to have to provide extra parking for his entourage and security detail at any event where he decides to grace us with his presence! Nice piece, nicely done. 🙂

  14. John Rothert

    Great story and film. Mike has the passion for sure.

    Only suggestion: get a table saw fence that is more narrow…yeah I know that is an especially good one…BUT….we all need to hook our fingers over the fence no matter how far the blade from the fence…just a necessary habit to develop.

    John in Va.