Good lord

Ya, it’s cold ish outside, and the wind here is blowing. And not sure if you have noticed, but that half empty can of spray paint is at 100 bucks. ONE HUNDRED! Actually $99.99 But with a 12 shipping. And the last second sniping hasnt happened yet.

I want names? WHO?

And yesterday in the comment section Floyd R Turbo posted this image. WTF? Why That Full?  No wonder there are laws now. That’s crazy stuff. Martha lets all pile in this beast and drive around in alligator filled waters. Then of course pile in the station wagon in the back no seat belts,  on bias belt tires with drum brakes and a 427 engine. How is we are all still alive?

27 people?

Then the crazy hats? no one mentioned that ALL these barfing people were wearing hats. Who takes a picture of this? WHO? Who decides this is a good ad?

I dont feel so good? Who served the creamed spinach on board?

Then of course we had the boatress and a heat gun? Ya, that happened.


And now finally WECATCHEM and Stinky are ready for the water, and it’s too windy? Really? After a horrible winter, and its wind that stops it all? AHHHHHHH

Trapped in pollin and wind


Are you at the auction buying a cigarette machine?


Or gonna spend the day on the water?

At least no one is running into our rudders this week? I hope.

This was gonna be a story, but was a little to wacky even for us? Who? Who in the hell, writes a caption like that? It was part of the series where we found this header.

No one mentioned his boobs? But it is a cool shirt!

Well, there ya have it. Have we offeneded just about everyone this week? Want to see what these stories are all about, just scroll down the week. It was a nutty one for sure, and fun to do? Now if you will excuse me, I need to go overdose on Clariton and nose spray. Its spring in Virginia!

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16 Responses to “$100 Cans Of Spray Paint, And Over Stuffed Boats. Recap Of A Crazy Week!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Matt, you did not mention my shameless plug on the big Port Huron show. WoodyBoaters got the registration forms in the Rudder this week and on line registration on ACBS web site I think next week. Check out the Boat the Blue header on the left side of the page for all the great details. There, that completes last weeks stories!

  2. m-fine

    No snow! Heck, it is even SUNNY! Now if only that temp was in Celsius…

  3. Tparsons56

    Well – it may be too windy in Virginia to boat but at least your water is still not solid. This afternoon I may have to pull the cover off the boat in the garage, grab a cold one, sit in her and pretend that it is really spring. Maybe take a spray bottle and squirt myself in the face for realism.

  4. Brian Robinson

    They could have bought a NEW can of the SAME Marine Finish CC V8 spray paint from Jim Staib for like 10 bucks.

  5. RH in Indy

    I’ve been following the spray paint can. Can’t wait to see what happens Sunday night!

  6. Wilson

    We heading to A & C boat show in Apalachicola in a few minutes….Should be between 75 & 80 there today…. There’s also a show in Hartwell, Ga today…Maybe reports on both shows tomorrow.

    As for the boat in Winter Park….That’s probably in some lake near Orlando…Maybe Terry will chime in and tell us.

  7. m-fine

    The lake is liquid! Water on in the house with no burst pipes. Next we need to get the docks in. Tobler says the lake temp is refreshing.

      • floyd r turbo

        That water must be what…in the 40’s temp wise. You’ll need to change Tobler’s name to Balzare Frozenoff.

        • m-fine

          The lake is a balmy 44* today. Tobler doesn’t think any temperature that doesn’t start with a negative sign is cold. In fact, I am not sure he has ever experienced the feeling of cold.

  8. floyd r turbo

    I can’t believe Matt hasn’t had a polo shirt with the same collar treatment as your last picture that matches the upholstery from Plaidtastic.

  9. Troy in ANE

    Wait one minute!

    Isn’t that a vintage white Merc on the boat at the dock next to the “American Life cute teen girl lake dock tomboy boat small boobs”, and what kind of boat is that? A Whirlwind, Thompson, …….?

    Dang that would have made a GREAT story.

  10. Dennis J Mykols

    Just got back from Roger Pecina’s auction. Man was it packed!Crazy prices on signs, like in the $500.00 range. The triple cockpit Chris went for only $28,000. Gas station oil cans and stuff all sold at very high prices.
    Roger was all smiles, and thought it went very well.
    On to his next venture.