Well, it happened! The sun came out and the wind stopped. Only problem, it’s early morning, and a little chilly. To be honest, I seriously considered boating in my pj’s with a cup of coffee this morning. This of course would have been the talk of the area, about the crazy guy that goes boating in in PJ’s while the rest of the world is already working and headed out for a day of hard work. The weather doesn’t care it Sunday when you are a watermen.

Working at o dark 30

headed out

Watching the dock

Janet-O headed out

Who is out on the MY water?

Fish trap stakes

yesterday from the ramp

Stinky is out and ready

Sweet Pea has a coat of primer on

The light was perfect

WECATHEM is all set

Don’t mess with Slim


More boats on MY water?

Lets go!

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16 Responses to “Morning Sunshine!”
  1. warren

    Glad the weather broke.
    Post a pic of the skiff with the green Mercury please.

  2. RH in Indy

    Enjoying coffee in bed in my new 15 oz. Coffee Varnish cup. Next on my list is to get Water Log on her lift.

  3. Chug-A-Lug

    everything is still frozen here in frostyville.What’s that little missy behind stinky?

  4. Dennis J Mykols

    A nice stretch of sunny back to normal temps, in the low to mid 60’s. here in West Michigan. But we will take it after every day in April has been below average.
    But for us along the Lake Michigan coastline, with west wind, and water temps at 39 degrees, we will be boatin with jackets on until June!!!

  5. Dennis J Mykols

    The auction at Mahogany Outfitters Saturday was a huge success. Roger was walking around in the afternoon with a big smile. He can not wait to put his next venture into full gear now.
    As for me, I had a couple of “Finds” follow me home for MY next big Venture…

  6. Dan T

    Great shot of Janet-O! Looks like he has his work cut out for himself. Thanks to the local watermen that bring in the fish. Tuff way to make a living.

  7. John Rothert

    Yes, working a pound net is tough….cut poles, peel poles, SET POLES (killer boat work)..coat net..tend net…hard work. Then we all have to hope all the poles get retrieved and none broken off just at or below the waterline….ouch! A true hull buster and ever present danger.
    I WENT BOATING yesterday and want to whirlwind on the James River in Richmond but we had huge rains and the river is full of floating logs and etc. It will get out to sea soon.
    Nice day, enjoy it wherever!
    John in Va.

  8. floyd r turbo

    Not familiar with pound net fishing and seeing what looks like pine poles being loaded on a vessel had me scratching my head. How would one pound these into the sea floor. Knowing the bay area is pretty silted with clay would make that process not too difficult but still a chore. We’ve had 2 sunny weekends since mid Jan according to weatherman meaning one day or both days included rain. At least lakes are full. Hats off to farmers and fishermen, especially the small operations, try to support these guys, its a dying profession in my observation.

  9. Troy in ANE

    DAMN! That is one of the best headers of all time!

    Vistited AB and BA today. I have a launch date of May 18th. I have never tried to launch two 38 foot boats on the same day. Wish me luck and good fortune!

  10. Troy in ANE

    River is ready, just need to get the moorings and float in.

  11. John Rothert

    Floyd R,
    Google pound net fishing….it is not about pounding in the poles…though that is certainly done….the enclosure at the end of a long net entrance way is called the pound….where the fish end up after falling for the trick.
    ancient bay fishing technique.
    John in Va.