Like a 1960’s Subaru on Steroids

A bus on Woody Boater? Havn’t we covered just about everything these days? Including the one boat show at Apalachicola Florida? Well, apparently not. Yesterdays email rained upon us this special bus. I had noticed it on a very fun site. About… Barn Finds. But this monster bus is also on eBay and ready for you to trailer it home. Sure it has a nice Ford Flat head. BTW, you think they are slow in a boat. YIKES. This bus must perform like a… well. BUS!

Good Gar God!

But it’s no ordinary bus. And this is where we come in. Because .. You didn’t guess it. It’s a GAR WOOD BUS.

Yes, that Gar Wood!

Cool ass end. You could chop it up and make it a clam shell trailer?

Split that sucker right down the grill. Ramps and you are Gar Wooding a Gar Wood!

Just think, you can now drive to the show, in a Gar Wood, and then drive around the Lake In A Gar Wood, get a Teddy Bear, and you can sleep with Gar… Okay, maybe that went to far. He did make Trash trucks, so you could go to the dump in your Gar Wood trash truck.. There. thats more manly.

Hold on. isnt the entire point of owning this thing to HAVE conversations with the driver? Why else own and restore this thing? And who smokes in there rear? Anyone? I will leave that one alone.

It’s got a stick shift. So you can reach 5mph in break neck speed.

So here ya go. Get your bidding in, you gotta start restoring this sucker!

Wait! Its a rear engine? It is a dam 1960’s Subaru! Ahhh hell!

Thought I was kidding. I aint. You can read all about it here at Hemmings News. Great Article. HERE – Photo Hemmings Motor News

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23 Responses to “Make Sure You Catch This Bus!”
  1. RH in Indy

    Didn’t realize all of the other things Mr. Wood produced. I once saw a Gar Wood winch on the front of an old Dodge Power Wagon.

  2. m-fine

    The rear engine thing puts a damper on the clam shell trailer idea. Where is Texx? He always loves a good classic bus story…although I am not sure this thing was ever a good bus even as classics go.

  3. Terry

    I love the bus. Talk about something no one else has. And a Gar-Wood at that. Needs some mahogany tho. Lol!

  4. Troy in ANE

    That thing should totally be restored.

    You never know what you will find at the bus stop.

    • floyd r turbo

      Troy thinks you said vintage “busts” which is okay with me.

  5. Jim Staib

    For some reason I always feel at home on a short bus. The Gar Wood is neat but needs something bigger than the Ford flatty.

    • floyd r turbo

      If you really want to go fast, this is the bus for you.

  6. John Rothert

    Dang, as Matt says….that is one neat story!
    One of the great benefits of being OLD is I am no longer in the “gotta have that” stage of my career.

    John in Va.

    • Dennis J Mykols

      Boy, John, you hit the nail on the HEAD. At this stage of my life (72) I need to think about scaling back and moving into Two Condos, one here in Michigan, and one in Charleston.
      I had to keep my hands in my pockets at Roger Pecina’s auction last weekend, nice stuff, but where would I put it???
      I still think ” I gotta have it “, but force myself to say nope, and move on.

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U. P.)

    Great find. Reminds me of the bus my friends and I, hauled out dirt bikes in and camped in during the early 70s. You amaze me Matt 👍

  8. Randy

    I can’t believe you are thinking about messin’ with that barrelback stern!!!!!

  9. John Rothert

    Dennis, right on brother! I have a classic boat friend that is 74 or 75 and STILL picking up project stuff he will never get to.
    Cars, boats, planes….all non functioning junk…but way cool.
    He has the disease that you and I are trying to self cure with pretty good success. No more stuff. but it is a hard addiction to kick.
    John in Va

  10. Rabbit

    I spent my college summers hanging off the back of a Gar Wood garbage truck. I much prefer spending my Summers now cruising around in a Gar Wood boat.

  11. Wilson

    In defense of Apalach, they had more than “one ” boat. As indicated in the picture of the tee shirt, I sent, it is a twenty year old show. I just took a picture of an award winner.But let’s not make a big deal of it…I’ll try and do better next year

  12. don vogt

    Great find. A campy, early streamlined style. i had no idea.

    Reminds me of the guy from montana who restored a bus and made it into a mobile home of sorts. he was the one who also restored a mid-50’s stancraft torpedo.

  13. floyd r turbo

    Back in the day we thought the Japanese didn’t have an original idea. I guess copying is the sincerest form of flattery, as they say. So look how similar that Subaru looks to the vintage Fiat 500 and then add Gar Woods bus front end to protect yourself from legal issues?

    • don vogt

      You may remember in those days the tiny toyota corrollas, etc. often had a license plate frame with the saying “japanese cadillac” in a bamboo font.

  14. Miles

    Wow.. talk about the ultimate trailer for your gar wood! An electric winch, rollers in the right place and someone would have the perfect trailer / covered storage for their Gar Wood!