The Boatress at the helm of Sweet Pea

I spent yesterday off from work, and cleaning the barn from the winter of, “just throw it in the barn” stuff. Yikes. Nature deplores a vacuum for sure. As part of my break, and the sun broke out-ish, I offered up a fun quick ride in Sweet Pea and the smile on the Boatress’s face says it all. Half painted, full of dust, and that smile is ear to ear. What could be better on a spring weekend.

Slow run up the Great Wicomico

Spotty sky

All working, I was a tad nervous about the water temp. 180. But she just sits there. Its a closed system

Old school stuff. 9 ft is still 9 ft no matter how old the machine is

how about sanding and more painting? On the good news front, I thought the entire hull was going to need to be painted and just a good scrubbing brought out a beautiful finish. So that can be done next year.

This photo is so deep in history its crazy. The boat was built here across from the stack  that has been there for almost 100 years here in Reedville. I have painstakingly stripped all the years of paint of her name plate. RICE MARINE RAILWAY

The Captain, or she Tinel? Muskrat Love? Love Will Keep Us Together? Anyone? To obscure?

Like a pro, then again its in her blood

THE RICE MARINE RAILWAY CREW –  L to R -Claude Bray (Boatress Grandfather) Sam Keeve, Raymond Bray, ( Boatress Great Uncle) Charlie Rice, Emory Rice, Wilson Bray, ( Boatress Great Uncle) Carl Rice, Leonard O’Brian, Jay Barrett, Albert Headly and in front Byron!

The next generation of Brays at the helm again. Claude would be Hams Great Grandfather. How cool is that.

WECATCHEM is all set and fine tuned. New Oil pressure gauge works like a charm and she just rumble rumbles like the day she was new. So, for now, all is good in the world, and I suggest YOU GO BOATING!

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16 Responses to “Trawler Day, Sorry Horace, It’s About Family This Time!”
  1. Mark

    Matt you are the Captain and the Boatress is the Admiral and don’t you forget it.

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    The look on Suzy’s face says it all. This is her boat and she loves it. I wish her many happy years at the helm and salute you for giving her this wonderful gift! Sunny skies and calm seas to both of you?

  3. Rick

    Actually I like the “workboat” look with primer showing and an array or spot painted superstructure. Fits right in with a working waterfront. Add some old fish smell and you’ve set. Probably not muskrat Suzie’s cup of tea though.

  4. m-fine

    Hurry up and finish the paint and then head on up here. By time you make it to the Erie Canal it will be warm in WNY, and there are no lock fees for 2018. From here it is just a short cruise to Port Huron and I hear they might be having a show or something.

  5. WoodyGal

    Great family history! Glad Swee Pea is beck in the family…

  6. Troy in ANE

    Should we all start calling her “Muskrat Suzy” now?

    LOVE IT!

    Great boat, great family history, great people, ……….!

  7. John Rothert

    Great boat, Great girl.

    That perkins is OK at 180 steady…..mine just came out of the boatyard and is reading steady but a bit high too. I suspect sensor and gauge are a bit out of line??

    John in Va.

  8. Mike W

    Beware. Cruisers are consuming in many ways. You may find that Sweet Pea becomes your flagship.

  9. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)

    What a great story. The pics just give you the feeling. You can’t work on them all the time. Once in a while you have to get out and enjoy them.

  10. Randy

    Temp all in the thermostat — but diesels like to be run warm with lots of air to ingest.

    As far as “Half painted, full of dust”, thats how workin’ boats function. No fancy varnish or chrome.

    Sweet Pea is out doing what she does best.

  11. Ranger

    Love this story and the family history of Sweet Pea. Long may you all ride the waves!

  12. Mike K

    matt, hows docking that boat? any thrusters?
    i know after being on my sailboat and then going on the woody its a different ballgame with steering!

    • m-fine

      Matt docks it Katherine Hepburn style. He approaches the dock and shuts the engine off. Then the divers hidden under water carefully guide it to the perfect landing every time.

  13. Dan T

    So great to have that family connection. Those Bray boys built a hell of a good boat!