Vintage Ashtrays

Because here we seem to have covered just about every topic known, and unknown about classic boats, today we explore Ashtrays. Yup. Ashtrays. Now you say, hey Woody Boater guy, Really? Ashtrays! Why not? And to be honest, they are cool. Not KOOL btw. And cheap, and could be a nice decorative touch to your space. Only one problem. Ya! No one smokes anymore. And Some of these butt suckers are kinda gnarly gross to some. So it is what it is. But they are neato, and show the creativity of the designers back in the day. I found all this in a quick ebay search. So all these are for sale on eBay.

Yes even in plaid!

Branded sales Ashtrays

More branded ashtrays for cruisers, I have one like this and put my keys in it

Butt drive ashtrays

Glamor ashtrays, and dear god this thing must in a smoke fest room. Maybe cleaned up and a candy holder

Custom ashtrays

Oh Buoy!

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8 Responses to “I May Start Up Smoking!”
  1. Troy in ANE

    I consider myself very fortunate to have never started smoking, it is a gross disgusting habit, but I do think the ashtrays are cool and collecting them would be a LOT cheaper than a boat collection.

    Matt you seem to have missed this Nude Woman in a boat ash tray on e-bay.

  2. don vogt

    Don’t undersestimate the pleasure of a smooth water cruise in a wood boat with a fine cigar. the ashtrays are cool, too.

  3. Andy C

    Don’t forget the lighters that go with the ashtrays

    • Rick

      Those lighters are an excellent source of light in a pinch when you’re looking for the source of gas fumes in the bilge. End up with all sorts of illumination.

  4. Randy

    … and don’t forget us ‘hydro guys’. I remember buying one of these in the late ’50’s for a gift.