From 2011 Hessel -First Breath run. In a perfectly imperfect original unrestored 19′ Commander Super Sport with it’s original 327 QA 554-hour engine. Life begins again For Alex

From looking around online it looks like everyone is in the water, or at least this weekend taking a dink in the drink. We are planning on getting Stinky in for her once a year air freshening. How about you? Come on, even in Hessel there has got to be some melted ice?

Norm & Peter First Run

The dogs are waiting to go boating

Make sure all your safety gear is up to date, or so old its cool. Die for the art my friends!

If they are still in the wrapper are they safe? You get one chance to find out?

Soaked her up?

make sure you have your sunglasses and sunscreen

Camera? We need photos of you having fun!

You get to wear your shorts! CHAD!

Ya! You may have forgotten a couple things about driving?


And most importantly… SHANNON! make sure the little waterpump cap is tight! And for the rest of us Woodyboaters….

It aint fun until someone gets towed in!

Have fun! Woohooo it’s Summer-ish!


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16 Responses to “Do We Have A National Splash Down This Weekend?”
  1. Mike Watson

    Finally some great weather on the big lake and enjoying a cup of morning brew. Different than afternoon brew.

  2. m-fine

    Shannon isn’t the one who needs to make sure the caps are tight. She is the one who is busy looking after TWO glasses of wine.

    • Troy in ANE

      Yes m-fine Shannon may be watching over the two glasses of wine, but the point is that Scott and Shannon are the new stewards of SeaBirD so they are the ones who need to keep the grease cap tight.

      I just noticed that the initials for SeaBirD are SBD. Is there a message there?

  3. Mike Watson

    Had to work around the Megabyte max. Painful. Too much so early. I’m out.

  4. Greg Lewandowski

    Nice to see the photo of our old friend Texx. I hope he is doing well and will join us at a Michigan chapter event some day!

  5. Andy C

    I plan on getting this one wet for the 1st time in over 40 years.

  6. WoodyGal

    Since this is crazy boater weekend, I’ll wait until Monday to splash!

  7. Mark

    Beautiful Friday up here in Massatwoshits.

    Launching Rocketman soon !

  8. Patrick Kaniff

    Bringing AquaVelvet (36′ CC Cavalier) across Lake Michigan from Grand Haven Michigan to Chicago starting today…let the 20 hour adventure begin! Boats, trains, and automobiles are all required to pull this annual rites of Spring event off.

  9. Tuobanur

    If the rain holds off tomorrow I will be putting Miss Dot in the historic Edisto River, the longest black water river in North America. It is also where Miss Dot was christened.

  10. Mari in Ohio (headed for the U.P.)

    Heading up to the cabin this weekend. The ice is finally melted, so we can get the dock in. Hopefully get a boat in the water. Let’s all be safe and remember why we celebrate this holiday

  11. MikeM

    I’ve written 3 offers in the last 2 weeks. Each new to the hobby. Launching the first one tomorrow morning. Woo Hoo!! Boats seem to be selling out here.

  12. Richard Dow

    The granddaughters informed me that we have to meet some of their friends at our yacht club’s annual Memorial Day event at our outstation on Bainbridge Island. So the past week has been oil change, plumbing repair, clean, fill tanks, clean some more, now packing after the Costco run… It’s amazing how much power 9 and 11 year-olds have over us… 🙂

  13. Alex

    Salter and I had Marion E out for the first time in two years. Wonderful weather in a wonderful boat. Year after year, I watch him grow up behind the wheel. Seems like only yesterday he had to sit in my lap to see. No longer.