eBay lunch box

If you are here today reading this, I beg you to out and jump in a lake, river or anything with your boat. Now, you say, I don’t have a running boat? Well, how about a lunch box. That’s right, as a penalty for reading today, you get a vintage lunch box. Aint no toilet seat that s for sure.


motor boats

And actually kinda cool. And considering that others like this are around $350 bucks, the current $150 ish price is actually reasonable. now, what you may do with it? I have no idea. But then again, you are here reading this on a weekend you have been waiting all winter for. Shame…. Ding, Shame… Ding…


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16 Responses to “Please, Why Are You Reading This?”
  1. Bob Kays

    Well a flood watch, wind and 20 degree temp drop will keep me looking at lunch boxes today.

  2. MO Whaler

    Well, I had to set a spell first thing this morning and it will be the only private time all day – – Just thought I’d drop by and see what’s happening – – It’s always a delight to see what’s new – – Now, we’re off for a day out on the water – – Glad you’re still here – – See Ya – –

  3. Flash

    Well, my boat is for sale and currently winterized and dirty. I figured that it has more appeal to a potential buyer if it is running and clean, so that’s on today’s list.

  4. Rick

    Well the wind is ripping here and the rain is alternating between downpour and torrential so it’s reading about lunchboxes for me.

  5. Jim Staib

    Absolutely beautiful in northern Illinois. Sunny and about 90. Water too cold to go in.
    Last EBAY item you plugged was the old dealer book. I bid on it then it disappeared. Seller sold it off EBAY. BOOO!

  6. Joe Morrison

    Since I had also bid on the old Dealer Book, was notified and paid for it I was quite surprised to find out later yesterday that my payment was refunded by Pay Pal at the request of the seller.

  7. Dennis Mykols

    Well, if it is not one extreme it is another, weather-wise. While yesterday was warm, today and tomorrow will be just hot and humid with no wind.
    I went to a local classic car show this morning and came home by 11 am, just too hot…
    We will enjoy an evening cruise when it cools down somewhat…

  8. Jeff N.

    My exhaust manifold is leaking and I need a carburetor rebuild. Haven’t even set my recently purchased boat in the water yet. 😩😩 Hopefully I can hook up with some help or referrals at the upcoming Lake Arrowhead show. All I have done is looked at this new to me beaut.

  9. Wilson

    Well, “they” say Alberto is headed our way…Kinda cloudy & overcast. I figured if I threw the boat in the water the real storm clouds would show up.

  10. Captain Nemo

    Not ready for the water yet. Just rebedded the leaky port shaft log. It was a painful reminder that I am getting too old to crawl around in the bilge anymore.
    I’m not into lunchboxes, I just needed to vent a little. I feel better now. Thank you very much.

  11. Jaxon

    97° Here today. Anyone want a good deal on a fur coat?

  12. John Lisicich

    Aloha and happy Tuesday!
    I had this lunch box as a kid in the late 1950’s or 1960’s. After I grew up my dad used it for a plumbing box for washers and stuff. I still remember that chrome thermos with the red top. My grandmother packed a peanut butte and jelly sandwich and home made soup on days when I did not come home for lunch. Wine was apart of Yugoslav life so I took a vanilla bottle of wine with me to school until the school said I could no longer do so. I was also the happiest kid in school, I wonder why! Growing up Yugoslav was like a daily episode of my big fat Greek wedding!