Factory Delivery

Ever wonder what your boat looked like brand new being delivered? Well, it’s tough since are passion is a pre Photo phone universe. And people were not capturing every little thing. And if they did, it was in BW, so color photos are rare, and even better are slides, which seem to hold up better than on paper.

1957 Continental, with White top interior. Looks like Winter or spring.

And on eBay a seller has found and is selling a slew of cool photos of a truck delivery back in 1956

Beautiful grain

c/u of 1956 plate

Now. one thing you will notice, other than the extreme packing and rope stuff that Chris Craft did, is that the seller wants $40 plus for these slides. EACH! Now this begs the larger question. Is it worth it? now wait, I am not trying to disparage the price here. It is what it is, and the seller can ask whatever he or she wants. But, there are some items out in the universe like this recently, and the question of value is burning a hole in my pea brain.

Great photo

You have just seen this image, does it have value, other than publishing rights, which could be an issue, because no one knows who took the photo? So? Are these images best for the archives of the Chris Craft Club? Mariners Museum? Like the ebay stuff that was found in a storage shed in Florida, 99% of it all belongs in a museum, not all sold off. Some brochures are fine, flags etc, but one off rare images are valueless, unless seen.

Cool Cradle detail. Just lightly sprayed on.  Is the 20 For 20 ft? U- Utility?

Now, if you are the owner of one of these boats, it’s a gold mine. I mean WOW! Not sure how to tell. But if you have a 1956, or maybe 57 one of these, look over these with a fine tooth comb. Blue interior? Delivered by Kenosha Auto Transport K.A.T. Truck This was taken somewhere near the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. If you are so inclined to own these, and I do get it,YOU CAN SEE THEM HERE ON eBay!
Just look at the other items at the bottom of the seller page and you will see the other slides. Hopefully one of them is your boat.

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24 Responses to “Original Chris-Craft Factory Delivery Slides On Ebay!”
  1. Troy in ANE

    IMHO: Definitely stuff that should be in the archives at the Mariners Museum.

    If it is a pic of my boat it might be worth it, but otherwise it is just some nice pics.

  2. Dennis

    The only way to really tell if it your boat is if you can match the grain of the wood but a big long shot. would be cool if you could match.

  3. Troy in ANE

    That IH cab over would probably be worth more than the boats today.

  4. MikeM

    Baautiful grain on those boats. I guess I’m with the group on this one…cool to look at but no need to own.

  5. Dino - KX6D

    We see a lot of boats out here on the west coast that were “delivered directly to…” and have spent their whole lives in Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear, Lake Tahoe, etc. Can you imagine the pre and post war truck rides?! No air suspension, hard tires, etc. I bet a few of the west coast boats got their teeth rattled coming this way

  6. Steve L

    On Don Danenberg’s forum there is an old post of someone wondering if they should paint their rudder. Their photo of the rudder shows a negative image of four hand written letters on it.

    Don’s answer is “The hull numbers were written on ALL of the boat’s rudders like that, it was internal control at the factory, according to Chris Smith. It was how they kept track of which hulls were ordered with different options like engine make and size, upholstery colors, seating changes, etc, as was shown on the BSO (Boat Shipping Order).”

    On the third Ebay photo is the hull number written on that rudder. I think 2021? Last four numbers? You have look at the original Ebay ad to see it. I don’t have enough knowledge to know the size/model of that boat. Maybe someone with some better access to archives could ID this boat?

    • Steve L

      The Continental has the numbers on the rudder in the sixth photo down…Just can’t make it out.

      Its nice to see what only three coats of varnish looked like. Very historic photos!

    • Matt

      So if its 2021 then its a U17, not a 20 footer since thats the only size that was made in that amount. The U20’s were far less made. So one could say if you have U-17 -2021 and have a blue interior and delivery in and around that area, this is your boat!

  7. Denis D

    I see what appears to be 2 numbers on the rudder. The forward one appears to be 20U which is what is printed on the cradle. the other number under that appears to be 313 which could be the hull number? However, I reserve the right to be wrong!!

  8. Matt

    so from 1957-1958 Hull numbers for the 20 were
    U-20-501-538 (1957)
    U-20 – 601-714 (1958)
    But they came with a Turquoise interior for 1957
    Red in 1958-59

    now from 1956 they all had red interiors. U-20-001-068

    Not sure what happened between these numbers

    • Steve L

      Denis, you’re right on the 20U… what about the number below being 513? that would fit with Matt’s numbers?

  9. matt

    Maybe its 513 so the number would be U-20-513 That would line up with the year 1957 which we thought it was. This is the number I am calling official for the Sportsman. U-20-513 Are you out there. Cause if you are we have the mother load for you!

    • Greg Lewandowski

      CC only built 221 20 ft. Continentals from 55 to 57. Know that because my 1957 is 189 (CL-20-189) of 221. Sorry Matt, I just blew your theory!

  10. Matt

    Yes but the Hull Numbers skip a ton of numbers. in 1957 Hull numbers were U-20 501 to U-20 -538 according to the jerry Conrad book. Dont you have a show to get ready for? HA

  11. Matt

    there was no 313 and the 5 is the only deduced number it could be. And matches up with interior color and Hull numbers.

  12. Matt

    Never has one person spent so little time writing a number and so much time spent trying to make it important. i just pray 513 is out there, cause this would be cool as hell.

  13. Steve L

    Good work Matt. I looked though the ACBS member directory but was not able to come up with anything. There are some U20s with no serial number listed in the directory.

    You are right! It would be soooo cool to have a picture of your boat being delivered brand new! I too hope that they are out there in Woodyboaterville!

  14. Matt

    I have been trying ever photoshop trick in the book to extract the other numbers on the Contental. and on the cruiser cover there is a number. AHHHHHHH If anyone has a 38 ft 1957 0r 58 cruiser this could be yours.

    • Troy in ANE

      Now you are messing with me!

      I happen to know someone who has a 1958 38′ Connie!

    • Brian Robinson

      Most were painted brown but everyone polishes them these days.

  15. Jeff N

    How many coats of varnish from the factory ? I see a similarity in today’s restoration of old cars and old boats now.