Ever found something in your bilge and wondered, mmmm I wonder where that goes? To add to the drama of it. Was it part of a toy that a kid dropped 20 years ago and I just found it, or a key part that will leave me stranded. So you wonder. And wonder.. It sits in your boat..In Case forever. Well, such is the case of “the Mystery Plastic Doohickey” on the Boat Buzz, and we thought it might be fun to ask the peanut gallery. And yes, we know of the new controversy regarding the term Peanut Gallery. We choose to use the reference from Howdy Doody.  Anyway, back to a more simple world. Here is “Stovebolts” question on the Boat Buzz.

They look thrilled!

Hello all,
So quick Readers Digest Version of my past eve.

Went for a boat ride last night, parked in middle of lake. prop shaft slides out of coupling on motor, and panic ensues. We start to paddling, and finally a nice fella drags me in, and all is well. While looking for the keyway that is lying somewhere on the bottom, I notice this little plastic doohickey staring at me. I have never seen it before, so figuring out where this goes I have no idea.

Looks important?

I’m hoping someone here does.


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32 Responses to “The Mystery Of The Plastic Doohickey! What Does Mr Doody Think?”
  1. m-fine

    It is a nylon bushing. I am not sure why someone would put one in a bilge, but it is safe to assume alcohol was involved.

  2. Matt

    is this even a part by Chris Craft. The boat was an early 60’s ski boat? It makes no sense..until it does. What even uses this thingamajiggy

  3. Mark

    It looks like an insert for an oar lock or some application where it is a used so two metal pieces don’t rub together.

    Maybe their oar came from another boat that had an oar lock ?

    All I got.

  4. Rick

    Sure looks like a broken plastic rivet. Looks like the notched end which slides into a corresponding plastic part is missing.

  5. Chad

    I’m with Mark; looks like a nylon bushing for an oar lock, seat post or a tent pole. Look for a protruding metal pin that would press into that bushing.

  6. Bill Bernhard

    Looks like the plastic piece on the top of Bifold closet doors that slides in the overhead track, fell off of metal post, how it made it to boat is beyond me.
    Bill B

  7. Mike Green

    I think its a piece for a speedometer but not for a Chris Craft, but maybe aftermarket.

      • Mahoganymadness

        Sorry your wrong …that piece was made by the compition “coswell cogs”.. you can clearly tell by the high quaility of the product…

  8. Tim Robinson

    Sorry Mike and Jim, it is a strat forming armature bearing clamister. My Uncle had one on his Chris Craft (special order).

  9. Eric

    It looks like a “Blind dog splined insert”. Used for marine door hardware, such as dog handles. Likely came from a cruiser. AdvanTec marine supplies these…

  10. Dave

    The piece which is inserted into the bottom of the pole used to provide a “tent” under the mooring cover to prevent water accumulation.

  11. Tommy

    Looks like the top of cheap wine when the boat was Cristined

  12. Randy

    It appears as though the hole goes entirely through the fitting, and I can’t determine the diameter — but it looks kinda’ like a thru hull fitting, probably for a bilge pump. It looks like a slightly radiused surface at the inside joint of the flange/tube connection which would be unusual.

  13. T (Stovebolt) Konecny

    Holy crap! I think I figured it out! I’m reading this and my mind wanders off to last summer when my pals 3 year old parks our golf cart on Muzzy…..A whole nuther story. Anyway, he used a folding lawn chair to launch onto the boat. Meanwhile won of my compadres here at work walks in and I mention to him, “you know what, it almost looks like a piece of a lawn chair….” And bang!! He says, ” I bet you it’s the slider on a folding lawn chair!!
    Best explanation I’ve got so far!!! The fact that none of you guys with WAY more experience than me have never seen one……….that makes me breathe easier.

    • m-fine

      When I was 3 my parents never let me launch a golf cart onto anything, let alone onto a boat.

      • Tyson (Stovebolt)

        Thats it!! I couldn’t get that picture to load……..but yah……..precision placement of the cart……………….what you can’t see is the mangled lawn chair on the other side/underneath.

  14. Chug-A-Lug

    looks like the south end of a little doggie carry-on.

  15. Chug-A-Lug

    now the north end is more useful as it can be used to make jelly.just rinse out the drool.

  16. Arnie

    It looks like a switch knob with the labeled end cap missing.`

  17. John Rothert

    naw…you guys are all off base….in the original photo on boat buzz you could see this is small….I vote for a pivot bushing from a deck chair or some such….

    John in Va

  18. Brian Flaherty

    Definitely a bushing used to prevent two pieces of painted metal from touching and scratching the paint off thus leading to rust and corrosion on cheap non-marine stuff. Probably from a folding chair.

    I have an almost identical one from a broken kid’s chair sitting on my desk after ordering a replacement.

  19. Danny B

    It’s clearly an early postwar muffler bearing. The later muffler bearings were ball bearings. It’s all ball bearings these days.

  20. Randy

    … welllll, at this point if the boat don’t sink and the motor doesn’t die I guess it just doesn’t matter what it is or does.

  21. Tyson (Stovebolt)

    What Randy said!

    And thanks for the reply guys!! And thanks Matt for posting this up!

    Now………….I’m goin boating!