The Boatress and Oreo

The Boatress has been there for me for over 30 years, despite the fact that today is her 35th Birthday. I really don’t understand the math of it all, and to be honest do not recall getting married to a 5 year old. Even though I am still 12.

She loves her Trawler

Sweet Pea is all decked out and ready to go, anyplace. Sons of varnish flag up!

She has a can of Sour Suzy from the Netherlands and some kisses from Murphy.

She is always up for a boat ride.

My best friend and side kick.

In honor of the Boatress’s Birthday today, we wanted to have an appreciation day for all our Boatress’s who are there in support of our best intentions to have fun. Despite the fuel smell and obsession with old ladies.

She will murder me one day though.

For the Boatress. Yellow, pink interior. In progress, this is the sketch for final approval from her.

By the way, Old lady is a metaphor and term given to BOATS

It’s a much more fun passion when we can share it with the ones we love year after year!

Had fun with Photoshop years ago.

Yah she is a saint. This is a real photo from a shoot in South Africa

She loves driving

But does get a little tired of me and my camera. This was in Salzburg Austria

At the helm of a cool deadrise

Ready for some fun in Moonshiner

She will even put a hat on for a photo… For one second

She loves her dogs

That time her and Karen Harrison got on the cover of Classic Boating

There she is!

No matter the weather, she is there!

She raised over $20K for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk with your help!

Road trips

With Woody Gal and Jim Frachette on the Dora Canal

On the back of a Riva

Long boat rides

short boat rides

Happy Birthday to the Boatress!


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23 Responses to “It’s Boatress Day!”
  1. BB

    46+ years and my boatress is also only 30. Same math class?

    Happy Birthday Suzy!

  2. Rick

    Happy Birthday Suzy. Here’s my Boatress, her birthday is Monday and apparently human years don’t apply to them as each year the gap between out ages gets bigger. If she gets any younger I could be in trouble with the law. Also per her woodyboating requires a big hat.

  3. Mark

    My boatress also has a birthday today and a big number at that.

    I won’t say she is as passionate about boats as Suzy is – let’s call it tolerant.

    Happy Birthday to all !

  4. RiverRat

    Only a day? We call it Boatress week. Pin that fun meter.

  5. Shep

    Happy Birthday Suzy!!! From the Sheplers
    Enjoy your day!
    Hope to see you guys in Nothern Michagan this fall?
    We will have Mom’s Mink there. We owe you a ride on the Saint Clair river. Kathy will bring the wine. For passengers of course!

  6. Kelly Wittenauer

    So the Cavalier was an early birthday present! Happy birthday to the Boatress! Hope it’s the beginning of a wonderful year.

  7. Dennis Mykols

    My Boatress, Ronnie, is also my best friend and also tolerates my boating passion.
    While I just hit the 50 year anniversary yesterday with my EX wife, she would have been still around, if it were not for her anti boating demeanor.
    Ronnie, on the other hand, is always up for a ride or traveling to a Classic Boat Show.
    Bless all the Boatresses out there…

    • Ronnie Mykols

      WOW, you went back into the archives to find that picture of me! LOL

  8. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZY!! From Michigan’s Beautiful U.P. I have a birthday on Monday. Enjoy It!

  9. WoodyGal

    Hey Suzy, have a fabulous birthday! Do what you want!!!

  10. RivaDella

    Happy Birthday Suzy from the left coast!
    Re: the shot of you on the Riva sunbed….maybe Matt will up his game and find you your own Riva for your next birthday boat…..

  11. Dick Dow

    Happy Birthday Suzy! Happy 35th! 😉 If there was a WoodyBoatress site I imagine the comments about old boats and old boat guys would be interesting/entertaining/revealing… There is another trawler of sorts with similar colors available to you and Matt if you ever get up our way and feel like exploring the waters around Seattle. Have a wonderful day!

  12. John Rothert

    I had GONE BOATING and missed Suzy’s B-day….all I have to say is Matt is one lucky SOB!

    John in Va.