95 in the shade, and frustration

Ya ever have one of those G^$%&# D%#&@* Days? Well that was yesterday. Two engines that #^&$ () &*# ^#% @& &#^@%!ing won’t start. S^#$*& #(# ^#%$ @$#! ^&@(# *#*$( $($% B#7 &(*@(&# ^#&((*@_.  &#*^&T#* &T#(*&Y#


#^$%&#*(@()@)! piece of c%$^ &#^$& $*#(@(@ Dam ^&$*#(#)( @)@)@ Son of a ^#$%#& (*@( Crap fest Sh&^y Pile of ^#%@ &@*@!!!!!


Took Stinky’s carb apart. OUCH. Rust. Water from the bad head is all over the place. That’s more today’s project. I did clean it and ..

Stinky still just wont even sputter. New head, yes fuel and spark. What the hell. On to Buttercup!

We went through to this point. And guess what?

Great, on the gas can, so we traced the issue back to the tank, which is fine.

This little hole in the pick up was clogged. maybe thats it? . Now clean.. No difference. ugh %*#(*_ @!_*!@*YE &!YE*^T# E(&^!#T$(^& @RT E!@)(*^#^#&@!!!!!!

SO! There is enough to run the boat on a short fuel hose to a gas can. But no good on the cleaned fuel line… mmmmm. SO. Now a new rubber seal on the fuel pump today. Our guess is we may need a new fuel pump. BUT!

Jimmy and Frank my neighbor just sweating and cursing. To be honest, this is what it’s all about sometimes. Pals all hanging out trying to fix the mess of age. I suppose on some deep level we are fixing our past, ourselves.. OH, what am I thinking? Its a pain in the %&^*!$!(#$&#$&*^#$#&Y$!!!!

Between both boats just doing NOTHING…  So you know what I did? BOAT RIDE! Cause we have more that one boat for this very reason. AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Nothing like a boat ride to wipe out the pain of not being able to go on a boat ride!

Somehow she is relaxed! It’s good to be the Boatress.


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23 Responses to “Son Of A %^$& *#(*& *#&#^@ 8&^ @^@&@*# ($^@%!$!^ @&#!!!!!!”
  1. Floyd r turbo

    Ahhhh, boat rides…while Jimmy and Frank are bustin’ their knuckles back at the shop?? No wonder there’s so much )(/;(-);&$ going down.

  2. Tom

    At 100.00 dollars an hour times 2 and in the hot sun I’d be taking them for steak and lobster , plus the boat ride !!

  3. Ben

    Went through similar issues some weeks ago. This is the NUMBER ONE reason to have more than one boat!

  4. Chug-A-Lug

    Pesky little mud daubers get in the fuel tank vent?

  5. Jim Staib

    Once again. Jimmy doing the work, Matt shooting the photos. Frank running for tools? Fuel pumps in stock here.

  6. Troy in ANE

    Be careful of that little pesky hole in the pick up tube. If you enlarge it while cleaning it out you will suck air and never get enough fuel to run.

    Been out Boating!

  7. Bilgerat

    I second the reason (and justification) to having more than one antique/vintage boat!

  8. Mark

    This is why you tear the engine down and rebuild everything from the start. One boat that always runs is good too.

  9. Rob

    Give it a squirt of ether (Quick Start) and it will fire and run happily. Fussing and fiddling with it only makes it worse. If the motor is already hot from running and won’t start, choke it. 42 years with updraft flatheads and never struck at the dock!

  10. Bob B

    Hobby need more younger members with their fresh new youth-oriented &#@%%$!_swear words unknown to us…

    • Wilson

      Drat !, soap & wash are all acceptable 4 letter words…I uttered them once and a lady nearby said I could add cook and iron to my list.

  11. m-fine

    They aren’t show boats, get electric fuel pumps and enjoy easy starting.

  12. jim g


    You are not going to get fuel to the carb because of the hole in your picture. There is suppose to be a carb jet installed in the hole. a number 11 or 12 zenith jet size. Yours looks like the jet has broken off. They do that sometimes. This acts as your anti siphon valve. Which keeps your bilge from filling up with gas if the line should break or come loose.

    So you have to choices. One. Find another jet to put in its place. Two. Retap the hole for a machine screw and plug it. Then put in a inline anti siphon valve.

    • Matt

      Thanks, that was part of the fule pickup. It had a very short screw in it. Which I removed and stuck a thin peice of wire through. The screw has such a hole it in. Smaller than a needle. Litteraly one strand of wire from a picture hanger wire. I put the screw back in. Its of couse stripped, so I tightened it as much as it would allow me and locked it in place with a tiny dab of JB weld.
      The issue is fuel to the pump. It works on the short line to the small tank. I tried a new Rubber gasket on the fuel glass filter bowl. NOPE, so.. At this point I am going to just rebild the fuel pump, and then its all good. Until its not.. Too hot today anyway. Building a ramp for the dogs on the dock. Took a couple days off.

      • Matt

        THis is the little tiny screw in the fuel pick up from the tank.

  13. John Rothert

    I agree with Troy as above…that little hole you cleaned out in the top of the pickup?????? I FORGET…being old as dirt…what the deal was on those…but if it had a blind set screw of something in there and none now…AIR leak = no fuel
    John in Va.