Thanks to fellow WoodyBoater Scott Patterson for sending us in this wonderful WhatIzIt request. Now, the most interesting part of all this is how Scott starts this. With A “Sir”, a Sir.. What the? I am a week away from turning 60 and I just got my first “Sir”. And get this, Scott ends this with a “Thank you for your time! “Respectfully” I am so confused. What does someone like me respond to someone being polite? On the internet? I have forgotten, Horrice? Are you reading this? Sir? Respectfully Woody Boater? Anyway, enough of my polite dribble. Here is Sir Scott Patterson!

I have put in many hours trying to research the proper make, model and year of our boat. I have come up empty so far. I reached out to ACBS and you were recommended due to your standing in the local boating community. I would be indebted if you could help.

My father-in-law gave my wife his boat about 2 years ago so I drove out to Wisconsin and brought it back to upstate NY. He was adamant that the boat is a 1970 Sportkraft. He made sure to reinforce to me that it was with a K and not Sport Craft with a C. All Of the internet research that I’ve done tells me that there’s no such manufacturer.

Our boat is 19′ 6″ long. It has an aluminum riveted hull. It has a cuddy cabin that only comes up about a foot above the fore deck. This part of the design of the boat, coupled with the design of the wooden “spray catchers” as I call them, has made me come up short in my quest for identification. The spray catchers appear to be original to the boat as Pops never had much money so I don’t believe he would’ve taken the luxury to add those. Plus, my wife is pretty sure they were there when she was a little girl.

Finding out the true yr/make/model is important to us as the boat needs a ton of work. We are in a position financially to get the work done but we want to honor Pop and the boat and restore it as much as possible.

I’ve attached pictures of the boat in its current state. I’ve taken the liberty to add some pictures of the framework under the roof of the cuddly and the transom area in case they might help with identification.

Thank you for your time!

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29 Responses to “Pop’s WhatIzIt?”
    • Scott Patterson

      Thank you! We think so too! It does need a lot of work to get it back to where it should be though.

    • Scott Patterson

      Do you know if Lee would be willing to help? If So, do you know how to get ahold of him? Thank you!

  1. Wilson

    Well, for sure, Sir, it is not a SportCraft, which was a plywood boat made in Perry Florida back in ’60’s.

    • Scott Patterson

      Cpt. Jones,

      This Scottie Craft is very very close for sure! I’m going to try to do some more research on it! Thank you!


    • Scott Patterson


      I found this already and this is what I’m leaning toward. The side windows on the ad for the Habana and Habana Express in the ads that fiberglassics has are not the same as the windows on our boat. I’ve been trying to find out more information about Sports-Kraft boats and was even going to reach out to the Grand Prague newspaper that the ad was in however, the newspaper isn’t in circulation anymore. I’m going to reach out to the Grand Prague library to see if they have the newspaper archived. Fingers crossed!


    • Scott Patterson


      The registration is from when my father-in-law had it registered in Wisconsin. He had it listed as a 1970 Sportkraft.


  2. Lee Wangstad

    My information on Sports-Kraft predates this model. They had various addresses in the fifties, either in Grand Prairie or Dallas, Texas. Definitely unique boats. With a model named “Prankster,” someone at the controls of this company had a sense of humor. From the first models in 1953 through their designs into the late fifties, they were marching to the beat of their own drum. Sorry, but I can’t shed more light on your exact model, but these small cruisers are beginning to see a lot of interest for the purpose that they were intended: trailerable boats with shelter to extend the boating season for young families. The family connection that you have make this one priceless. I’ll keep my eyes open for more information.

  3. Matt

    Thanks so much Lee, Scott may not realize this, but this is one of the funnest parts of this culture. He may have the only one out there.

  4. Scott Patterson


    I’m currently just south of the city of Utica in a small town called West Winfield.


  5. Scott Patterson

    Thank you everyone for all of your continued help! I found a blog on fiberglassics referencing the Sports Kraft 1958 Habana Express. Within that blog, a gentleman with a username of posted pictures of his boat and it is exactly the same as ours! Unfortunately, his blog post is dated 6 1/2 years ago and he is also trying to find out the year and model of his boat. I reached out to him by email anyway and with any luck, he’ll see it and get back to me. I signed up to join fiberglassics so I can post on that blog. Maybe the Admins of the site can help me further as well. Thanks again and keep the ideas coming!


  6. Shawn Boutwell

    I have almost the same boat. My title says it is a 1959 sportkraft. So there was such a manufacturer. My boat looks almost the same except for railing around front of boat. Transom looks exactly same. Info I found calls it a Havana express. Found ordinal sales brochure online showing my boat.