Buttercups KFL is running like a champ thanks to VanNess Carb rebuilds.

The water is flat as a pancake, and we just got Buttercup running. It’s 7:30 AM and I need to decide, Boating, or writing a story on Woody Boater. Mmmmmm Seems like an easy choice to me! See ya tomorrow. For gods sake stop reading this and get out there. Havnt you noticed the days are getting shorter.. AHHHHHHHHH!

HAPPY HEADER DAY, stey tuned for a fun photoshoot of Buttercup doing her thang!

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6 Responses to “Can I Just Go Boating Today!”
  1. Johnny V.

    Raining here on Keuka………….think I’ll wait until later today.

  2. Captain Nemo

    Still raining and too much debris in the water due to heavy rains. I’ll stay at the dock.

  3. Mark in da U.P.

    Gorgeous day here in Michigan’s beautiful U.P. I went boating all afternoon today!⚓️😄