See, easy to read!

So those of you I am sure will have this boat pegged. But for fellow Woody Boater XXXXXXXX and I we could not for the life of us read the blurred logo on the side. It has some Shepard in the style. But also that white area is very Whirlwind. But the deck is off. 1956? Based on the Johnson.  Anyway, if you have a guess. Or are an expert on these. Comment away. Or here.. Ya, here is better, that way we can all read it. Hey, its early, and my jokes are pre coffee. Today, I dig into Stinky and hopefully get her ready for the HUGE Reedville show this coming weekend. And then PORT HURON here I come. Woohoooo!

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17 Responses to “An Eazee Whatizit. Its a Mfbahdhe!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Matt, we are in WOT prep mode to welcome you and all the WoodyBoaters in Port Huron. The boats are coming home and we are looking forward to it!

  2. Troy in ANE

    OMG! I wonder if Dave Bortner could give us the brand name of those shorts? Can you call them shorts? It think they go from his arm pits to his knees.

    • floyd r turbo

      Those shorts are definitely the antithesis of the underwear showing “thug look”, lol. And how does she fit in between that steering wheel and the front seatback sitting backwards??

  3. Mark

    I’ve never seen a woman smiling that close to a live fish.

    What’s going on at Port Huron ?

  4. Leslie Best

    Chris Craft kit boat. Comet, had one from 1960 to 1973, first boat I restored in 1968.

  5. John Rothert

    nice bulge…but those shorts belong in the bilge….Kit boat is my vote…but a strange one.

    John in Va. Going Boating!

    • Ed S

      I don’t know what it IS, but its got a couple of things weighing against it being a Chris Comet kit:
      The Comet had seating for four.
      The Comet had a deck behind the aft seats (that made it a pain to start a rope-start engine or swap tanks).
      The Comet’s fins were longer and they had a vertical piece that went down the transom
      The hullside paint scheme and bright trim was different from the picture.
      What appears to be a multi-striped foredeck was not typical of Chris kits.

      My guess is that some small builder did a fair job of imitating the Comet.

      • Les Best

        Yep, on further reflection your observations are spot on. Mine had 2 bench seats, the rear hatch, where the gas and battery was, and it was a royal pain to pull start. The fins did finish on the transom. I got carried away with “I knowthatitis”. Thanks for keeping us in line.

  6. Andy C

    It looks a lot like a Borum that I had years ago, even the find were the same.

  7. Matt

    Dang, I thought this would be easier. The logo as muffled and pixed as it is, isnt Borum. Thats the clue for me. What does the shape of the logo look like?

  8. Matt

    on further looking, the Borum fins are a dead match. Maybe the muffled logo is lettering for the style of the model.

  9. Matt

    THe more I dive into Borum Boats, BTW Extreme style cool. Aristo Craft cool, this is one. Dead on. Made in jacskonville Fla. The way the deck design is. Dead on, the fins dead on.. Andy C.. Wins a pack of Weiners