Okay! I got the countdown a tad out of whack. BTW, for those of you standing at the gate at Port Huron on Friday which is 3 days away, Wait, that’s 2 days, and depending when you are reading this could be one. You may be standing there alone. Or not. I don’t know. Maybe there will be a bunch of frantic Michiganers running around in a total panic fluffing the pillows and spraying the bathroom clean.

So let’s clear this up. I think. The pre Show stuff starts Sunday, that’s 6 Days from today, Wednesday, the event is a week long. The show part is NEXT weekend. Thats 11 Days? I think. We arrive on Thursday, I think thats 9 Days? I think. Clear yet? Really? Can you explain it too me? Cause I know this, next week I get in my truck and drive north til I see Blue water and a bridge.

And of course 3 days until the Reedville Show, where Stinky, WECATCHEM and Buttercup will be there.

In the meantime, there is always one at Jimmys Dock.

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9 Responses to “3, No Wait, 4, Maybe 5 Days Til Port Huron. I Think.”
  1. m-fine

    If I am not there until Thursday, and you are not there until Thursday, it is safe to say the show doesn’t start until Thursday which is actually 8 days from now not 9, and 7 days from tomorrow. So, reset the countdown to 7 days with tomorrow’s header and I think everyone will know when to show up. Unless they are old retired people who registered for the pre-events.

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    The smiles will be big and the water clean and very Blue whenever you get there. Where did you get that cap in the first photo. If that’s a new WB cap, I want one!

  3. Phil

    Four days for us, boat all set, truck filled and ready to go.
    Leaving 5:00am Sunday morning!
    Ready for a great week in the Blue…

  4. Cameron

    I’m also interested in that cap!
    Here are the designs for our caps at definitely the smallest Antique&Classic Boatshow ( even smaller than Reedville )to be held in Knysna, South Africa on 6th October. Copyright and all.

  5. Matt

    Thats an old cap made fron New Old Stock Lancaster Hat Co patches. I have been trying to locate those patches again.

  6. Jim Staib

    Last time I was in Port Huron there was a really neat rooftop tavern. Pray for nice weather and save me a stool😎 should be there Thursday.

  7. bill

    I didnt know about the blue show was it advertised???hahah,leaving thursday for minnetonka to show ,or sell,my launch,ALOHA, then going to Quincy to run the big muddy[non blue] mississippi,alot closer and also a good time.,next year,lets go back to Gull Lake soon ,Thanks Bill