Mahogany Madness!

According to fellow Woody Boater David Nau in yesterdays comments The Boat The Blue Event stats are as follows. I am sure this will be updated. But regardless of the numbers, we can tell that this event is a mind blower and clear game changer for how future big shows should be. It would be amiss to not give 100% of the credit to the AMAZING team in Michigan, who has been prepping for years.WOW. Here at the stats as reported. We will thread a bazillion dock shots today thanks to M-fine and Don Ploetner. And my comments. Oh boy

Marty and the Michigan gang judging.

This has turned out to be the biggest ACBS International Boat Show ever. Out of 202 boats registered, 195 actually showed, beating the old record of 146 boats. It’s kind of overwhelming – so many boats!
Out of the 195 shown, I counted:
168 Wood boats of all types
2 Hybrid Wood/Fiberglass (both Chris Craft Silver Arrows)
23 Fiberglass boats of all types
1 Aluminum
1 Steel (Chris Craft Roamer)
Over 40 Cruisers of all types (being on the Great Lakes, boats can come in under their own power from anywhere in the world),which can’t be done when the show is on an inland lake.
12 Outboard-powered boats

Separated at birth, now together again

Fantastic engines

Lymann Love

Dock shot.

Regina says hi, she is taking a rest from her trip!

Oh! Hell ya!


Stars and Stripes. LOVE LOVE this name and theme. Dang! Well done!

OKAY, now.. Ugh.. This is the shot that broke me. F you Florence. F YOU.. F is for Forget by the way. What? UGH.. Twin Engine WECATCHEM.. AHHHHHHHHHHH I am now no longer bummed. But pissed. UGH… Amazing name by the way. Everything is right


Nice touch with the color

Okay that is one big name. I wonder where she is from?

TEASE! I will let my imagination see the rest

Possibly the most famous prop of all time! CHAD RULES!

Okay.. Okay.. Mmmmmm Will someone, PLEASE re-letter this amazing boat. This is a European font designed in the late 1950’s and became a hit in the 1970’s No, No.. NO! Does not fit or do the boat justice.

Classic Red fun. A local favorite around here in the Mid Atlantic- Whats left of it

Wait? isnt this a small wagon?

Mike Mayer, looking happy on his Big Birthday!

I bet the YNOT gang used up some megabytes of photos at this show

Alex! I am so far! I am reaching for you Alex. Alex? Alex?

Firewood! No way! More like Morningwood


Moms Mink! Love!

Under cover goodness

Rum Runner charging up

Plastic and Mahogany goodness

Layman love.

Party on the Ledo deck!

Under cover and cool name

Canada Goose. Where are the huge red balls?


I think this is HART. an amazing amazing sedan

The WoodyBoater gang crashing the party. Wait.. Is that a pontoon boat? What the hell!

OH! Love.. Love these little racers.


Best bilge award.. WOW.. I wonder if the owner shows off the bilge on every run.. “Oh I love your boat” Really, want to see my bilge? I have bilge lust.. Is that wrong?

I am getting a tickle about these triples.

Cruiser, cruiser and more cruisers

Love the Numbers!

More Lyman love

Tease – Reminder to self. get better photographers! HA !

Matthews Magic

Sorry the story took so long this morning. Lots of photos from random areas.  We have been asked about the next International show. So here it is thanks to David again. Stay tuned for updates.

Future shows:

2019: Alexandria Bay, NY (near Clayton, NY)
2020: Bay Harbor, MI (near Petoskey,MI)
These are both on the Great Lakes, also, so again, cruisers can come in.

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28 Responses to “Boat The Blue Breaks All Records!”
  1. m-fine

    Good morning, headed for the show. Now THIS is the Michigan weather I remember.

    • Phil jones

      MFine did you get more photos of Purple Haze bow shot as she cut through the fog it was so thick I could not tell it was you shooting but did see someone shooting as I came under the bridge. Would love some shots of her when with running lights on gliding toward you in the fog
      Phil jones

      • m-fine

        Phil, I did get some shots of you coming through, and I am happy to send you all of them, but they are not great.

  2. Dave Nau

    Thanks to Jim Staib and m-fine for corrections. I somehow missed the steel 1911 Mullins completely and looks like the Roamer is aluminum.

    So, make that:
    1 Steel
    2 Aluminum

    Supposed to have the sun peeking out by early this afternoon.😃

    The judges have to be pretty overwhelmed with the huge turnout. I know at least one extra experienced judge got called in from the North Coast Ohio Chapter. Jeff Funk and crew have their hands full, but I know they will do a great job. Just so many sweet boats!

    Show closes at 4:00PM today. The Awards Banquet starts with cocktails at 5:30PM. I think it’s going to be a long, but great evening!

  3. Jeff N.

    What a show, I would of loved to be there. So many great looking photos I can’t even imagine the sounds of all them flatheads. Looks like a great event. Thanks for the coverage.

  4. Carla

    Like you, Matt, I missed THE BIG ONE! Enjoyed the pics immensely, but the ambience, the excitement, the picture perfect weather and all those boaters…

    Kudos to the Michigan Chapter for rockin’ the 2018 ACBS International Boat Show. Spectacular!

  5. Troy in ANE

    I am really really regretting not making this show!

    I am glad you added “with the color” to the caption of this, it would have just been wrong to claim “Nice touch”.

  6. Wilson

    As Ed Sullivan might have said. looks like it is a “really big shew”.
    Sorry to have missed it…

    So tell us…how did Florience treat Reedville ?

  7. Phil

    Well the fog has cleared and the party is over.
    Best show ever, they really know how to throw a first class party!!!!!

  8. John Sanderson

    Great Show!
    Perfect overcast kept the heat down, fog kept things cooler.Nicely organized and run, too.

    Nice to see the photos up already. Mine still need a bit of editing, will post on Facebook…

    • John Sanderson

      Karen McLaren does a fantastic job editing the Channel Marker magazine, a really nice publication!

  9. Jeff Larson

    Boat The Blue Crew – well worth the 16 hour drive it took us from NE Mn –
    Thank you!

    PS – couldn’t get enough of the “Flipper” land display!

  10. Michael Maddox

    Great photos! I especially like the overhead shot of the 225 Chrysler. Gorgeous!

  11. Dave Ramsey

    Best Bilge has to be Jeff Feudner’s 30ft Lyman. Am I wrong? I remember seeing the bilge in his Lyman Offshore and it was a life-changing experience.

  12. Joan Graham

    Let’s get them started early! Xander Morrow in Galawagon. Grandpa Bill Graham’s Galadriel in the background