Wonder out of the drink!

This year, the last gasping is starting early for the citizens of WoodyBoaterville. Even though its going to be in the 80’s today here in VA, and a nice day in New Jersey, the lake is having its once every 5 year draw down. Like a forced really low tide. This allows residents to clean up and repair the areas around there homes.

2 U22’s

Warm today?

The unloading dock

Says it all

Leaving the dock for the last time this year.

Gasping is a group affair

Gloomy skys

Here come fall

Fellow WoodyBoater Bob Kays captured some of the gasping at Katzs Marina who has been pulling boats all week.


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5 Responses to “The First Last Gasping On Lake Hopatcong”
  1. Bob in Minnesota

    Hard frost this morning in Minnesota and a high of 48 degrees in International Falls today.

  2. Wilson

    Still in the 90’s in Florida….Our lake is down…How do you refill a lake when it is down ?….Especially when it has a sinkhole in it ?

    • Dave Nau

      Partly cloudy and high 80 degrees F in Akron, OH for Monday.

      I’m going boating.

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)

    Finally an article about actual boating. Even if it is kind of sad. Good to have you back Matt! Keep up the good work.

  4. Todd C

    Table Rock was in the high 70’s last rider in the Lyman today – gets cold but never freezes. Engine comes out next week to send to Van Ness. “Winter maintenance”.