You get bacon today. We had a visitor named Michael last night and he trashed the place. No power, and yes we have a generator but no internet. And no cell service so we have driven 20 miles away to get a cell bar! And no power either. Michael hit the area hard and we hope to be up and running soon. But they are saying it’s a multi day event!!!

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11 Responses to “No Power, No Phone, No Story”
  1. Carl Garmhaus

    You’ve had enough for one year. Odds good there will be no more. Enjoy bacon, add eggs.

  2. Martin Field

    I’ve never SEEN so much bacon on one plate. Seriously though, best wishes from England in the aftermath.


    @Martin Field (& m-fine too….)
    We have a belief here in the states…

  4. m-fine

    Matt needs a satellite phone so he can post while his Internet and cell service are down.