Gar Wood Trophy

Hands down, this is the best trophy ever made. A cocktail shaker trophy. Dang! Leave it to Gar Wood the designer of all designers, to design such a cool trophy. Maybe we could adopt this idea for shows.  A huge thanks to The Antique Boat Museum for sending in this inspirational moment.

Simple! I could drink to that!

Sure beats a pack of frozen wieners.

Mmmmm, maybe we could do both.

Then again, there is this cool Gar Wood Trophy from the Detroit Historical Society. HERE

Key Chain Trophy

Gar Wood, liked using his trophies to promote his fleet.

The Trophy Fleet.

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10 Responses to “The Trophy Of All Trophies Goes To Gar Wood!”
  1. Rick

    Now if there were a Trophy Wife as a prize I might consider putting a larger powerplant in Panther.

  2. Walter

    The trophy should at lest be polished up. Then the photos of her to be taken.
    Beautifully shined up, what a Trophy, Now drink to that.