On Thursday I was living on East Coast time. Left for a 5 hr flight to the West coast. Which took 2 hours. Because of the time difference, then turned around and got on the plane yesterday and a 5 hr flight was 8 hours. Tracking with me here? Now I wake up in Reedville after a 3 hr drive which took 4 hrs because of traffic. Now, today with Daylight Time Savings time, its one hr back? And of course living in Reedville is like living in the 1950’s pace wise. I will go out on my 1948 boat today, or the 1968 boat and while writing this I am in the present time, which feels like the future. So, is todays story late? Early? On time?

Its 5 oclock somewhere

Does it really matter? I mean if you are where you want to be, on a boat, isnt it all really timeless? Isnt that really at the root of our Passion, Culture? Isnt it really all about time? Isnt it about time, that we stopped time from time to time? Oh god, I am in a loop again? I am going to go for a boat ride now. I dont have much time today, have to be back at work tomorrow. Ugh, and fill out my time sheets..

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7 Responses to “What Time Is It?”
  1. WoodyGal

    It’s just a step to the left and a step to the right…let’s do the Time Warp again…

  2. Wilson

    Well a tad late today….But always worth the wait….Still don’t know how you do it every day.

  3. Andy C

    All I know is that it was time to get all the boats out away. Tight fit, but they are all safe and sound for their winter rest.

  4. MO Whaler

    Okaaay — Timely Topic – – That ‘ships wheel’ vintage wind up ‘5 o’clock somewhere’ clock on the Sportsman’s dash is a product of a company called: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . Please fill in the blank – – Thanks – –

  5. Dick Dow

    No boat ride today – time to settle into the winter project: Build another motor and re-engine the Red & White. Out with the Royal, in with a 454…

  6. Floyd r turbo

    Don’t forget to fill out your TPS reports. That’s a reference to the movie “Office Space”. If you’ve never seen it and you’ve worked in an office it’s well worth the time especially if you
    ever worked in IT (Information technology).

    Btw, if you’re in the Bermuda Triangle, does time exist?