Russian Vintage Boating

Just when I think I have seen it all, and then thought, well of course this is how it is? How myopic of me. Of course Russians enjoyed boating back then as well. Sometimes a simple book like this can open up your mind into wonderful areas. Of course one must need to understand Russian to be able to put this in context. So as we all come out of our Christmas Food Coma, enjoy this little snack of worldyness. We have more in common that we do that divides us! Here is looking forward to a new year.

1967 Waterski’s Get it.. Like a water ski but in Russian its the waterski’s UGH

That looks like a very cool Hacker-Craft?

And happy header day! Just refresh the page and a new header ffrom our past will appear. Click away.

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13 Responses to “The Boatski’s?”
    • Dave

      That was likely the huge Russian float plane at the Sunnyland show when it was in Mount Dora…….a plane they used up in Siberia I believed.

  1. John Rothert

    wow, who knew there were 52 weird letters in the Russian word for varnish? Really neat post today.
    I remember that wild ass Ruskie boat that showed up at Dora…one they used to retrive spacemen or some such…
    Ate too much on Christmas….
    John in Va

    • m-fine

      I’ll take crumbly blue over both. Better yet, skip the salad and go straight to the flourless chocolate cake.

  2. Matt

    Salad dressing? The thread took that turn? Hahahahaha sometimes I just love this.

  3. Valdemir Tommy

    Comrade, said book was published to hand out at gulag to show captives the life they were missing. One copy per Serbian town to share. Spasiba for the memories.

  4. Rick

    Since I Don’t read Russian I’ll just assume it was American propaganda slipped into Russia. “Everyone gets a free boat in America when they are born.” Also I personally prefer the Vidalia onion dressing from Costco.

  5. Ron Yatch

    ” From Russia ……. With Love “…. Chase boats were Very cool…. Huntress, I believe; they has Chris Craft side ventilators ….. I guess Chris Craft had a deal with the Russians too ???

    A Great movie boat chase scene – Bond escapes with the Russian Babe !!

  6. 72 Hornet

    It was interesting that Buehler Turbocraft was shipping a Jet 35 model to Kruschev in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was called back and was never delivered due to that reason.