Mr Potato Head had a boat?

Hey it’s winter and boating around here is inside the house. So why not enjoy boating on your table?  With a quick look around we found some fun small stuff that will for sure give you a fix.

The little hands crack me up.


How about a Tonka boat party. Dog and all

Love the grill

Want an older set up, pre war.

Very cool Lincoln Zephyr and row boat


Gone Gold Fish’n


Or a post war?

US Zone?

It’s German but not German?


And my fave! The entire love boat crew. Julie up front with Vicky next to her. Ya, I know them all. UGH!

Captain Stubbing and Doc

Gopher and Isaac all styling

Sexy hats included

Create your own crime scene? Did they buy to many boats?


Splish Splash!

Woohooo. Fill Up The Tub!


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24 Responses to “Dinky Day – Today We Have A Little Fun.”
  1. Rick

    Going down to the ocean this morning to stare at the cooooold water, feed the deer and look for snowy owls. Sorry but the toys just don’t give me my saltwater fix.

  2. Kelly Wittenauer

    Close as I’ll get to being on the water this cold day.

  3. JimF

    The Lincoln Zephyr and rowboat are Kingsbury toys. The company was started at the turn of the last century and operated until WW II by my great grandfather Harry T. Kingsbury. Located in Keene, NH, my hometown. It is embarrassing how many of these I have collected. These are just some!

  4. Briant

    Can’t find my pics of toys, so I’ll read my 1908 Rudder instead….

  5. Sean

    My first boat_ 1963 Eldon Miss Waikiki in her current state and as new. (no plans for restoration 🙂

  6. John Rothert

    sorry to rub it in guys…but I am Going Boating…tomorrow.

    John in “it might snow on Sat.” Va.

    If you wait for the weather you never go….

      • Greg Lewandowski

        I have never met John or seen his boat before, but from his great comments on WoodyBoater, I would have guessed that is what his boat would look like. A stately and sturdy watercraft for John to go boating!

        • Eric Z

          He has several others but I’ll let him respond with the current list

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    Very neat! I had that same pickup truck, mine had a truck camper on it instead of a boat. Still in my moms basement. That is cool that Jim F’s great grandfather owned Kingsbury toys. Nazi Germany must have had China type labor back before WWII. I remember getting plastic toy boats and cars in the late 50s and early 60s that would say Made in Western Germany. Thats how I learned about East, West Germany and the Berlin Wall. Thanks for the memories.

  8. John Rothert

    Thanks for the pix post Eric and Greg for his comment….I would post pix but I don’t know how…and it would take time away from….you know what….

    John in Va

  9. Lee Wangstad

    Okay, so to some it may be booring, but to me, when I’m not busy living the woodyboater lifestyle, these things keep me busy. They also create the atmosphere that makes it easy to relax in. I don’t buy on ebay (not very often, really), but to prefer to find them out there in the real world. It keeps me busy when I can’t be out on the water (long Minnesota winters), and keeps it to marine stuff. Well, some automotive stuff too. But my collections is broken down into smaller divisions and subdivisions also. And it does look better up close. Not all mint, but the patina looks great on some things.