Well, we just notification that the big show March 21, 2019. For those of you reading today THAT’S 51 ish Days depending on how early you want to get there. But certainly good news because that is the blink of an eye in global time terms. Now even better news. Here is the note from the club!

We have docs this big! Right Tommy!

We finally have our commitment for docks from the city of Tavares. It’s great news.

Terry and crew makes Ship happen!

GOOD NEWS!!! Registration for the 38th Annual Sunnyland Antique and Classsic Boat Festival is now open on the Sunnyland website HERE

MORE GOOD NEWS! WE WILL HAVE GREAT DOCKS for our water display this year! Last year, due to dock damage from the hurricane, we had room for only about 15 boats tied to a long floating dock. This year, the City of Tavares has worked very hard and has committed to providing slips that will accommodate a minimum of 70 boats.


EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS! Joe Sabatini has agreed to bring his spectacular Festival of Speed event to our show. There will be about 60 very high end classic and exotic cars on display Saturday afternoon. You won’t want want to miss this fabulous event. You can see more at FESTIVALS OF SPEED HERE

Ya better hurry and sign up now!

So hurry on over to the Sunnyland website and get registered. Then get ready to meet old friends and make new ones in a wonderful weekend of vintage boating fun in the warm Florida sun. You will have a great time. WE GUARANTEE IT

Rain or shine!

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9 Responses to “Lake Dora Has Docks, Docks and More Docks, Did I Mention Docks!”
  1. Jim Staib

    I registered. Hunkered down with a pile of snow on the way. Making stern poles. Gonna miss the Norge ski jump today. 51 days and counting. Maybe 45. I’m going early.

  2. m-fine

    70 slips is pretty good! How many did the pre-hurricane setup accommodate?

  3. m-fine

    I missed yesterday’s story, but if there is an open dock slip, maybe I could pick up that 59 Carver on my way down.

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

      As I said yesterday. Better have a Police escort when you pick it up.

  4. WoodyGal

    m-fine, always good to do your first launch of a new boat at Tavares. There is plenty of help and Matt’s camera to capture the event.

  5. Roberta

    Rich and I registered early last week. We’ll be staying on the St. John’s River in Welaka in a condo with a boat slip for the Torpedo. Heading for the show late Wednesday or early Thursday so we can get to some of the meetings. We are doing the South Bound River Cruise with Guy but will be skipping the Thursday lunch run in order to get to the meetings on Thursday. We are also snowed in right now with more coming an REALLY COLD weather. Can’t wait to get out of Wisconsin.

  6. David

    The year before the hurricane, I drove down from Georgia to visit the show. I left at 7am, and arrived around 11:30 on Sunday. Much to my disappointment most of the boats were already gone. That will be my last trip to this show. I think the show needs boats to fill the docks, not just docks.