6 Volt Baby!

A huge thanks to Jim Staib of Fine Wood Boats for putting his money where all your bitching has been about 6 volt bilge pumps. As many of you 6 Volters may all cheer now. You now have an available new bilge pump! Thats right, that used Lovett pump is no longer the only show in town. Now a brand spank’n new baby can add some Red White And Blue bling to your bilge.

Just look at that 750 Gallons Per Hour machine


Easy install!

Thanks Jim!


$59ea. Will send some photos of the test “Kitchen” Pumps 432GPH with 2′ lift and 5′ hose. CLICK HERE

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17 Responses to “Six Volters You Have Been Heard! 6 Volt Bilge Pumps Thanks To Jim Staib!”
    • Jim Staib

      Rumor has it you are a guest speaker at Baconfest Milwaukee on the 17th. You can pick them up on the way.

  1. Mark

    Is he the guy with the beard and the dog ?

    I would test it twice. You never know.

    I want to find out before I switch back to 6 volts and also need to figure out what to do with the other 6 volts.

    • Jaxon

      I’m the one with dark and light hair. His is all light. Please don’t confuse us. I also got my photo in the current Great Lakes Scuttelbutt three times to his one!

  2. Troy in ANE


    And I have one of those used 6V Lovett pumps on the shelf somewhere.

    Matt: On another note, Did you and Suzy move to SML?

  3. Old Salt

    Sure beats the used Lovett bilge pump I saw yesterday on Craigslist for sale for only $500.00

    Thanks Jim! You will have my order.

  4. floyd r turbo

    If you put a 6 volt pump on a 12 volt system will it pump twice as much? Asking for a friend.

    • Bilge Rat

      Yes but only last half as long! (most likely WAY less than that). That Ohms Law thing.

      • Mahoganaymadness

        I don’t believe in ohms law,,,currently I’m resisting any positive thoughts on it and just amping up the conversation….