For Greg

It’s that time of year. Again! In just 30 days, I will be smearing sun screen all over for flabby skin. Mmm, I will be getting a golden brown crispy skin. Anyway, I digress into warm thoughts. And this years T shirt sale at the tent should be fun. I will be bringing back the Flotation Device shirt so you can piss all the women off in your life. This one will now be in short sleeves.

We are loving a Vintage Cushion Series

Can print on different cushion color shirts

We also will have some left overs on sale from the store. And clear it all out. So come on by the tent. The Woody Stuff Store will be closed soon since all the inventory will be headed south with me and my vat of buttery sun screen.

We are finishing the art, so vote today.

Maybe some new Cup designs?


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24 Responses to “T-Shirts And Cups For Lake Dora! Vote For Your Fave!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    As an old gear head, I have to go with the Flat Head, but a color other than gray. The first mate suggests navy blue. It will match perfectly with my K and MCL!

  2. Jim Staib

    WOW!! T shirts and mugs to go with the 6 volt bilge pumps I will have there.
    More snow today. I’m ready for warmth and sunshine.

  3. RH in Indy

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the Floatation Device shirt in the store!!!!! I’ve suffered long enough!!!!!!

  4. Troy in ANE

    Just got back to the ANE (Atlantic NorthEast) after a visit to the GSE (Gulf SouthEast or West Coast of Florida). Found another Palm Gardens sort of venue and some interesting art in the mans room at Pelican Alley.

    Was able to visit “real time” with other boating friends while there.

    Will miss you all in Dora this year, but as John in VA has been encouraging Sandi and I are registered for the AGLCA (America’s Great Loopers Association) Rendazvous in Norfolk VA in May. Maybe we can meet up with some of you on that trip.

  5. Jeff N

    Dig the flathead design , different color would be great. Do we have to wait till after the show to purchase flotation device t’s on the website ? I heard speedboat outlaws might get reprinted in XL ? 😁😁

  6. Matt

    Just added some from an idea, The Cushion Series. Making the art is a bitch, but worth it. As to sale items on line. Not sure, we see how stuff sells at the show.

  7. Captain Nemo

    The flathead and 6volt logos are great. They both look best on a black background.
    I can’t make it to Lake Dora, so I am looking forward to purchasing from the store.

  8. Scott K

    Love the outboard design.

    Skulls have had their time in the sun, time for them to go back to the grave.

  9. Rabbit

    In the future how about selling actual cushions, like the ones from Boat the Blue? I believe Stearns will custom print on actual Coast Guard certified cushions.

  10. RH In Indy

    Matt, thanks for considering the store for the Cushion Series. I don’t see myself getting to Dora any time in the next ………?

  11. floyd r turbo

    That blue flatheads shirt is royal blue not navy blue just to clarify.

  12. Matt

    The Blue would be a pre war Chris Craft Blue, and possibly a Gray red or green? This way you could match it up to your engine.

  13. John Rothert

    Love the Flathead stuff! Sorry to miss Troy and Sandi this March…but I will for sure get up with them in Norfolk…pronounced norfuk….in ole Va. in May!!!

    Just back from Going Boating….minor ice storm early yesterday…then sunny so I went to the marina…stayed aboard, cruised half of today then weather went to crap…on home.
    No one else on the water…actually was a bit lonely in that regard…Dora soon. John in Va.