A Pre War Chris Craft Alarm Clock?

I apologize ahead of time for what may me a time rabbit hole. All this moving the clock around confuses me enough, since I always work on an internal clock. For some odd reason, I can say before I go to bed, Wake up at 5AM and at 4:59 I wake up. Been this way for decades. Even after going to bed at 3AM. Its crazy. So moving clocks around is just strange. I suppose if I move the clock forward an hr now, did I loose that hour?

Aaaaaaand! Do I add an hr to the hour meter? If I don’t can I claim an hr less on the engine?

And if I die, or move to the west coast before we move the clocks backwards, do I forever loose that time? And to take it further, when I was born and it was in between times changes, so am I really 1 hour younger or older?

“It’s Always A Good Time For A Boat Ride” clock!

What if the clock is old and runs slow anyway, do you set it back to the slower time? Set it ahead so it corrects itself over time?

Now to many this may not make all that of a difference, but as a Varnish sniffer, I am sure there is some sort of measure as to how many hours I have taken off my life. Like smoking. So.. One hour is really two hours give or take? I warned you, this was a rabbit hole.

The best thing, is if you don’t wind them up, they stay on the time you love best, and time stands still. AHHHHHHHHHHH!

I live in a deadline world, Weekends, holidays are just concepts. Getting the job done regardless of anything. Is my time. I live in two week deadlines. So, setting my clock forward? Sure, whatever. It gave me another story, and I am one hour closer to Lake Dora!

If you had this, I would never sleep! Thanks Jim Staib for the photo!

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12 Responses to “Did You Set Your Classic Boat Clock Forward?”
  1. Rick

    Well if you’re in the middle of a refinish job now it takes varnish another hour to set. How about if you’re charging by the hour does the client pay for that hour or do you have to eat it. What if I make a cup of coffee at 1:59 AM? Now I have to throw it out and make a new cop at 2 because I’m not drinking an hour old cup. Maybe I’ll just go back to bed.

  2. Frank@Falmouth

    So will the first watch ring 3 bells twice then skip to 6 bells?

    and tying in to previous days posts Winslow Homers Painting “8 Bells” is second only to his Painting “Breezing Up (a fair wind)” as two of my favorite nautical paintings, and
    which reminds me of my family sailing adventures on the Chesapeake Bay as a youth… the early morning smell of the bilge and musty cotton sails and lines would be replaced by days end with a crusty coating of saltwater and sunburn.. This is what started my love and passion for Wood Boats and tho the smells are now gas and varnish, they still bring back those fond memories
    The Schatz Ships Bell in my office always draws a new victim in when they ask why my clock is broken…. (ringing on the watch system) They are then in for a 5 minute education which morphs to a discussion about Wooden Boats… Just face to face conversations and people remember and regularly ask when Im going boating ..

  3. m-fine

    You never meet anyone who likes changing clocks twice a year, yet Congress has been incapable of stopping this nonsense for decades.

    I think I might just set all my clocks to 5:15 and leave them there. Not sure how to do that with these new fangled digital one s though.

  4. Jim Staib

    Finally the clock in my truck reads the correct time! One day I will learn to set it. Like me it’s right half the time.
    With all the clocks here you would think I would be more punctual.

  5. John Baas

    A wise old Native American described daylight saving time as cutting a foot off the top of a blanket and sewing it to the bottom of the blanket to make the blanket longer.

  6. Mark in Ohio ( on U P time)

    A stopped clock is right two times a day. Thats more than some people are.
    “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”

  7. Tuobanur

    How about this, don’t change your clock just change the time that you get up, the time you go to bed, the time you go to work, the time you knock off, the time you go to dinner, etc..
    I guess us humans just aren’t smart enough, we need someone else dictating that for us. I wonder who decided this for us?? 🧐

  8. Troy in ANE

    I had an old timer friend who would say that in the spring we don’t lose an hour we SAVE an hour. I guess in his mind we would taking out of our time savings account in the fall and use it.

    Now these are my kind of clocks.

    (images may be subject to copyrights)

  9. John Rothert

    I woke up on the boat this morning at reset the clock….due to be warm….it was…sunny it was not….went boating….Dora soon!

    John in Va.

  10. Garry

    Today should be the last time (no pun) that I have to find all the clocks and set them forward. From British Columbia South to Californeyiah the West coast is planing on going to daylight savings year around.
    My boats don’t have clocks because there is no purpose!

  11. MO Whaler

    Did someone mention Lake Dora? Sunny and 74 degrees today – – 86 degrees Monday – –