Oh hell to the ya!

The countdown is rolling along. Today we feature the yummy food of Lake Dora and the area! From the famous Palm gardens to new adventures in Florida dinning.

The Boathouse Resturant near Orlando is worth the trip!

This is what your heart see’s flash before its eyes before it stops! The good news is you dont need to walk far.

Mmmm Ice Cream in Tavares, OH! Your gonna eat Cheese Steaks and cheddar fries and pass on the ice cream. There is a wonderful hospital right next door to this place.. Just sayn

More Ice Cream at the show location

Coppa Cabana Cubin food is a Woody Boater Favorite.

Near the show. The name changes a lot, the location is amazing.

Parties are always fun!

Wine helps when you are being towed in


Boating to lunch is one of lifes greatest things. back to Palm Gardens

Local hang outs are what its all about.

It’s Florida!

You can eat so much you will need to scooter around! Hey! Laugh all you want, but those little baskets hold more food, so you can scooter and eat

Partys! BURP



spontaneous meals are the BEST!



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13 Responses to “Ate Days Til Lake Dora! mmmmmm”
  1. m-fine

    Make sure you get to breakfast before Jim Staib or the bacon will be gone!

  2. John Rothert

    Troy would surely appreciate the “local Hangouts”….course some hang lower than others….

    see ya there!

    John in Va.

    • Mark in Ohio (sometime da U P)

      Defiantly party at (or with) the local hangouts. If you can “motorboat there”.

  3. Jeff "Nemo" Buckley

    Ate Days…???? We’re leaving today or tomorrow!! FVRC Raceboat Regatta just jumpstarts everything down there!! Nemo i

  4. Troy in ANE

    If you have some extra time go to the west coast (of Florida that is) and have a Cheeseburger in Paradise. Cabbage Key!

    • Dennis Mykols

      Cabbage Key was one of our favorite spots to cruise to when we wintered in Ft Myers Beach, at the Moss Marina.

      • Dennis Mykols

        the true feeling of Island Tyme… Gotta visit Cabbage key where Jimmy Buffet was inspired to write the song: “Chesse burger in Paradise”

  5. Dave

    The Sunnyland SCAMPY youth boat building program spent yesterday organizing a couple trailer loads of hardware, books, tools, parts and miscellaneous oddities to sell at the show. We will also have several boats to sell including an older Cobalt. Visit us at the show early! Everything is priced to sell!

  6. Matt

    Shameless plug! I know this is really Greg!!!!! Ha. Plug away! B

  7. Briant

    Good Lord….look at that plate of food from Coppa Cabana….

    I bet your Cardiologist is pleased to know that you only go to Dora for one week of the year!


  8. John Rothert

    troy, why am I not surprised?

    Miss you and sandi this year…still time to change your plans!

    John in Va.