Woody 6 Volters!

We are at a true milestone in the countdown. Longer days, a warm breeze in the air here in Virginia, and the T Shirts are here. New designs, new fun and a new line of shirts that will be on going. The Cushion Series. Starting with a past favorite. The Flotation Device shirt in short sleeve.

Flotation Device shirt inspired by cushion art

The original cushion

This wonderful new outboard shirt is faithful to the original cushion in Johnson Green

And the cushion that inspired it!

And of course last but not least. FLAT HEAD

In a wonderful Pre War blue

And the flathead that inspired it!

These will be at Lake Dora in the tent, thats it and some hats. Our plan is to try and go boating as much as possible. Then we will decide what we sell on the store. We will be exploring more in the Woody Cushion Series.



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13 Responses to “The Official Lake Dora T-Shirts Are Here, And Soon Be There.”
    • Matt

      No, flaorda in person. Then maybe! This is an annual fun thing we do to make lake Dora a fun time to meet folks. We will be restocking the stuff store though, with new product. But maybe not the same

  1. Jim V

    I’m being t-shirt penalized for not going to the show. Bummer Man!

  2. Pete

    Flathead shirt is neat! I will have to have one.
    See you in a couple days

    • Jim Staib

      M-Fine, good to see you yesterday. Glad they allowed visitation. Now I know why you are counting down to next year. Hang in there.

  3. MO Whaler

    Lake Dora . . . Oh Boy, Oh Boy – – Check That Out . . an Outboard Shirt – – “I love the smell of a 2 cycle in the morning” . . . Won’t be long now.

  4. don danenberg

    Heck Jim,
    Your ‘Youth” puts me to shame.

    I made many such trips to Florida, but mostly in the ’70’s to ’90’s.
    My Parents lived in Mt. Dora then. It made the trip worthwhile.

    I see 84-degrees F, and still in Drive.

    It SNOWED ALL DAY TODAY, here in northern-lower Michigan. It does NOT appear to be letting up?

    You got out just in time……….., ENJOY YOUR YOUTH !

  5. George Emmanuel

    Aww rats….I just converted my boat to 12 volts…Oh well, maybe next year?

  6. don danenberg

    Keep 12-Volts,
    It moves the Iron better.

    It requires smaller line, or even age-hardened larger line?