Taking off Termites cover slowly! Oh ya!

Reporting live from the shores of Lake Dora and the Woody White House, that is gray. It’s been rather cool, as in cold cool, not hip cool, but the White House is cool, as in hip Mid Century Cool, vs Cold. One of the fun parts of showing up early is you get to spend time with friends and just relax. Although boat rides have been not in the cards. But the weather for the show is supposed to be spectacular. So we are paying the price now for some more fun later this week. So if you are on the fence, get off that sucker and come on down!

The Rectangle Office of the Woody White House.

The Lincoln 430 Room

Ready for the state reception

Hooking up the tunes – we are the first folks to stay here.

Gloomy Lake magic

From the East Lawn, and Rose garden

The Sun Room!


Nightime magic

FLA through the blinds

Wonderful details make the State Dining Room Florida Mid Century Fun!

The View from The State Dining room. Every room in the house has a wonderful view of the lake


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16 Responses to “Live-ish From Lake Dora – 2 Days Til Party Time”
  1. Rick

    Great digs. That show is on my bucket list. Still a couple of years away. Starting to look at some shows closer that I can do in a weekend. If you have to suffer the weather now to pay for better at showtime it’s worth it. Enjoy.

  2. m-fine

    The house and property look great, but I hear some horrible rumors about the neighbors!

  3. Troy in ANE

    The neighbors are GREAT host, but boy they sure have trouble keeping boats running.

    Actually looked into flights yesterday to see about a last minute trip down for the weekend, nope not going to happen.

    See you next time!

  4. Jim Staib

    Party on the St. Johns. Some awesome mechanic got Ed up and running. I got a strip card going on how long.

  5. Floyd r turbo

    This should be day two of the southbound St. Johns River cruise headed from Palatka to Crescent City for lunch unless the itinerary has changed.
    Love the mid century vibe for woody boater central. Hell, I’d stay in a concrete bunker just to get down there. I actually did just that on a last minute, one night, down and back trip in my van. Parked in the parking garage and sacked out just to be at the show for 2 days. Keep those river cruise updates coming in please. Really miss that.

  6. John Rothert

    Come on Troy, try the airlines again…last minute deals and cancellations….make a deal and come on down.

    John in Va.

  7. Miles kapper

    I wonder what would happen if some big ass corporation hired me to direct their annual conference that just happened to be a reasonable drive from all the festivities at Lake Dora. Damn, I guess I’ll find out. Now I know find out the true meaning of ‘So close yet so far’.

    • Wilson

      Come on Miles….lots of groups want to meet in Orlando…you could take off a while from their meeting and hop on up to Tavares,

      Wilson, CAE

  8. Dave Nau

    Waiting for flight connection to Orlando. Be in Tavares by nightfall. So looking forward to it!