Young people, quick run and sign them up for something!

As we dig through all the photos, a theme or two has started to appear. The best one is the look of joy, calm, and happiness that is on everyone’s face. I wasn’t surprised since I think its one of the first times I have smiled in a while. So today, as a schlep back to the office. Lets all remember why we do this.

Not sure what Royce was doing, but it makes me laugh. Ned and Jill Protexter are on their honeymoon!

Want to go out and shoot some boats?

Thats the look of pure contentment. I think I even spelled that right? Right? Either that or its Condiment, which also makes me smile.

Thats not a laugh, its a deep smile of peace and joy!

Mo grabbed this fun shot as we left yesterday?

Loved seeing folks from all over! It saved me

Oh ya, Bloody Mary Smiles!

Family smiles! Still a huge favorite photo

One happy Boatress!

Still cracks me up!

I think he is smiling.

One more finger to the right and I would smile!

I always feel welcome here

That is some Hipster smile stuff going on.

100% Guarantee he is smiling.


Karen and Shannon Send their love to Carla!

A boat load of smiles headed to some party.

Blue sky smile!

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17 Responses to “Smile And The World Smiles Back!”
  1. m-fine

    6 full size adults in a boat of a car, and no third row needed!

    • Paul H.

      There’s a couple of more than full-sized humanoid specimens in that vehicle…..

  2. George Emmanuel

    Danny Ross and his crew on the docks were absolutely the best at helping people!

  3. ScottK

    We smiled more this year than last…..didn’t think that was possible.
    Can’t wait for next year!!!

  4. Royce Humphreys

    Great few days in Tavares! Gotta love the Caddy picture as it is indeed a nice boat as well! Fun seeing everyone!

  5. Ned Protexter

    We had a great time. Was really enjoyable seeing old friends and making new ones.

  6. Troy in ANE

    Smiles abound here in the ANE for a wonderful pancake breakfast on Maine Maple Sunday at Cafro’s Maple Farm.

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    “When you smile the whole world smiles with you” Happy Birthday to my son Ben today. Ben is passionate woody boater. The kind of young people needed in this hobby/passion.

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

      Some day I will get a picture to go straight.

  8. Wilson

    Bought a boat at the “Field of Dreams” on the way out of town….That cute little 9′ Whaler. Got lots of waves coming up I-75. I plan on bringing it back next year and show it off.
    It was a great show!. Hats off to Terry Fiest ad his volunteers for pulling it all off. As always, Good to see everybody for one more year.

  9. Dick Dow

    Hey Wilson! Welcome to the 9′ Whaler club! John Flaherty and I have those for tenders on our 38′ Tollycrafts. 25 knots is achievable with the right combination of digits on your outboard.
    Those little tri-hulls are rated for 6 hp. 1+5 = 6, right? 😉

    • Wilson

      Brochure says 5 HP. This one is 1982 model…looks brand new.
      Had the Whaler Squal with sail for a while…that one seemed heavy as lead. This one much lighter.

  10. Toby Hall

    Nice show.
    Nice tee shirt.
    Nice to finally meet you Matt and the Boatress!

  11. Niel

    This was my first year attending the Sunnyland Show as a Woodyboater. Thank you to everyone, without exception, you all made me feel welcome!

    I second George, Danny Ross and his crew on the dock were amazing, I could not have lived without them.

  12. John Rothert

    From perfect weather awful back in Va…..great show, best weather ever, good friends, some much missed. Flight was ok…tired but happy….Going Boating.

    John in Va.