Watch out for Sand….BARS!

Well, the cruiser lust got the best of me the other day. And man oh Manischewitz this is the most fun thing I have found on ebay ever. Laugh all you want. No really, laugh, cause this is fun and cool all in the same swig. Looks to me as a 60’s Chris Craft Cruiser it’s modeled over.

And it sure likes to drink some fuel, as do we.

She has a little surprise in her bilge

She likes to party on the sand BAR!

Just don’t go boating ON THE ROCKS!

Yup, its a little bar in one Mid Century magic thing! With a wonderful surprise. Hit it! Wait for it!

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Bottoms up! #drink #bar #midcentury #vintage

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There ya go, and we need your help with a NAME! Like Booze Cruiser, Aquaholic, Miss INEED-A-DRINK, Miss IN-DA-DRINK…. You get the idea. WESPILLEM? WEDRINKEM?

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28 Responses to “I Bought The Ultimate Party Cruiser. She Needs A Name.”
  1. Nehmer Kid

    Definitely post war, reed and prince screw heads, Chrome job must have been expensive…. This was not cheap to make… Nice find.

  2. Bilge Rat

    The way you downed that shot, maybe Weshootem.
    Cool bar accessory!

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    That is neat as hell! How about “Whisky River”. That is a boat that can be enjoyed all year long. All over the country

  4. WoodenRookie

    what a cool find, i gotta watch Ebay better!!! Cheers

  5. Royce Humphreys

    What must have for every Yachtsman! I wonder if Steelcraft ever made something like this for their owners club?

  6. John Rothert

    all I know is your likely paid more for that cruiser than the average real life cruiser from that era is bringing today.

    I don’t drink but that thing is really cool! Nice buy!

    Went boating yesterday in Whirlwind…going today in cruiser.

    John in Va.

  7. Syd

    It is cool, keep the name short and simple

    This is the reverse what we normally hear about, its a bottle inside of a ship instead of the ship in a bottle.

  8. m-fine

    What song was it playing? Can you upgrade it to play Willie Nelson? If so I would go Whiskey River as both name and song!

  9. Warren P

    Built in alarm, nice! You probably should fill a few glasses at once to keep the “counters” guessing.

  10. Wilson

    Makes as much sense as my buying that 9′ Whaler at Tavares. Good news is that the tax collector says I don’t have to pay money to register it, if it doesn’t have a motor….right now, it doesn’t.

  11. Dick Dow

    You could change the name each time you change the contents – “Cutty Sark”, “Captain Morgan”, “Amaretto” – you get the picture. The best part is you need to go through a re-christening ceremony each time… 🙂

    • Troy in ANE

      Ya Suzy!

      Interesting choice for a guy who doesn’t drink.

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

      Your not shipping Mike. I saw it.

  12. Dick Dow

    Matt, You and Suzy would fit right in with that at the Chris Craft Rendezvous and it would be the only boat you would need to bring! 😉