Who wants to go on a “BOAT RIDE”

Yesterday I snuck out of the office and drove home for the weekend. Hey, some weeks are 7 day work weeks and when you get the chance you take it. So I did. And with spring springing up, the Boatress and I grabbed some buddies and headed out for a nice sunset ish cruise in Sweet Pea.

Did someone say “BOAT RIDE”?

Me first

Look at us! We are on a “boat ride”

I will keep my eye out for stuff. SQUIRREL!

Even the Sons Of Varnish Flag has a buddy

Back home. Safe?

And back home just in time!

That finished a crazy day for sure that started at 4AM. So here’s to buddies. We all love our buds!

BUMP! Hey Whatcha doing on the dock.. LICK!

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12 Responses to “Best Buddies Day”
  1. m-fine

    Boat rides with dogs are always better! I am headed to Annapolis next weekend. If you start now, I bet Sweat Pea could get you there in time for lunch on Saturday!

    • Kevin F

      I live right downtown Annapolis. If you care to meet, post a note and I will arrange something.

  2. tparsons56

    Yep – Kids, dogs, classic boats, warm sunny days, flat water. That’s what makes a great day!

    Lake Charlevoix still frozen but cracks are starting to appear – spring is coming!

  3. Cincinnati Kid

    Gene Simmons of Kiss should be jealous of that dog’s tongue.
    Can he sing? 🙂

  4. WoodenRookie

    Did Suzie and you have to get a different Class of license to pilot Sweet Pea? I guess it’s a tonnage thing.

  5. Jaxon

    I waited and waited but no boat showed up! I moved to the yard and chewed on the last iceberg there. I prefer my water FROZEN.

  6. John Rothert

    Baotress has promised me a Sweet Pea ride…and I AM an ole dog…..
    Went boating.

    John in Va.


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