Out of her tarp tomb and ready for the road trip to NJ

If you have a keen eye, and the Katz gang and Terry Fiest sure do, they have noticed a small detail in the photos of the Tarp Find Cobra. Can you spot it?

mmmmm I didnt notice it.

Okay its a geek question, but a huge one. The filler tank is on the incorrect side. UGH? What is that about, or Aboot? Its a Canada joke. mmmmm. This Tarp Find is gonna be a mind twister for sure.

A finished one. Note Tank filler on left. ALL are on the left

According to the experts, there are 12 un-accounted Cobras out there. And to take it further, a story of a damaged one that was a very special one shipped to Canada. The details are starting to paint a rather exciting picture. Remember we are all discovering this in real time ish. The Cobra is not back at the Marina to really be dug into. They do know its a VERY early one. Do we dare say it? Could this be? The……


Stay tuned for more from the ongoing drama. Tarp Find Cobra. This is getting like Who Shot Jr? Oh man Dr Phil is getting serious!


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26 Responses to “Things Are Getting Interesting On This Episode Of “Tarp Find Cobra”. Staring Dr Phil.”
  1. RH in Indy

    This is high drama that only Woody Boater can deliver!

  2. Troy in ANE

    Are you suggesting #1?

    I have a story about Cobra’s from my childhood. I will send it your way and see if it worth making it into a story or if it would simply make a good comment.

  3. Floyd r turbo

    There’s another detail you missed. Did you catch it? Can’t believe you missed it. All Canadian Cobras were shipped with the lifting rings running fore and aft not port starboard. A little know factoid to reduce air resistance during shipping.

  4. Gene Porter

    Not the first time that a photo has been unknowingly reversed

    • matt

      The Is’nt It Great Tag would be reversed. I like the Australian idea though!

  5. Old Salt

    It can not be a Canadian boat. I don’t see any fenders hanging over the sides!!!!!!

  6. JFKarlson

    Reverse-rotation engine? Would make sense to place the gas filler on the starboard side (dockside) if the boat turns better to port vs. most inboards that turn better to starboard.

  7. Bilge Rat

    Can’t tell from the pics but maybe where the fuel tank vent is located might be opposite from standard production boats. That might indicate the factory installed the tank facing the wrong way?

  8. Reddog

    Or.. maybe this boat was supposed to go to Australia or S. America. Or maybe Mr. Karlson has the rite idea

    • Reddog

      This boat also has dual exhaust compared to the 18′ Cobra on Kats’s website. So probably a V-8 of some kind. Tell me I should be looking in my mailbox for a pack of woodyboater wieners.

  9. Rob

    Maybe a special order to make it a bit easier to pull up to the gas dock? Need the card to see.

  10. Briant

    The filler is on the same side as the driver…so when refueling, the driver can stay in his seat and hold onto the dock while the gas jockey fills the tank. And since they didn’t have stupid debit cards or smartphones, the owner merely had to give the attendant a fiver, a quick push, and bingo, he was off and back to the races.

    Or not.

  11. John Rothert

    say what you will, the Cobras were not user friendly….the whole rear part was just for looks and you could not even crawl out on it or sit on it or anything…fueling up would be a two man job for sure given the contours of that body style. The is a great story though! Keen to learn more.
    John in Va.

  12. Bill

    Matt, filler cap is not on left side! Port, man, port.

  13. Dick Dow

    Clearly there was an issue of some sort- the filler is on Stbd, the driver Stbd and a TRIM TAB on Stbd as well! First time I’ve seen that on a Cobra… It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds! Any way you look at it – What a find!

  14. briant

    Crazy. Model makers put fuel fillers on both sides. So much for originality….

  15. Steve in Michigan

    In response to the idea that it is 21′ -001, at least on the Continentals, they numbered them all sequentially, regardless of the length. At least I am pretty sure that is what I saw when looking them up.

    • Troy in ANE

      According to the Essential Guide (AKA The Bible) there were 51 18′ Cobra’s ranging from BR-18-001 to BR-18-051 and 55 21′ Cobra’s ranging from BR-21-001 to BR-21-055.