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A week ago on Friday I was giving a speech in front of a large crowd on marketing at the Mid Atlantic marketing summat. I have given speeches hundreds of time. I clearly am very comfortable putting myself out there and making a fool out of myself if I screw up. But as I was about to start my speech, I had a very deep pain in my chest, left arm and neck.

Presenting a campaign on stress

WTF! After doing a thousand ads on health care, it was a sign you do not ignore. My jaw was aching, and yet, I had 20 minutes ahead of me in front of the large crowd. I powered through. My staff noticed I was a little off,  HELL YES, I was worried and wondering if I was going to make a dramatic flop on stage, but I gave the speech, bad jokes and all, and left and right to the ER.

I drove myself, but this sure would have helped

6 hours later after countless tests, I was released and turns out the Er Doctors in the DC areas parents live in Reedville, which had a very calming effect. I have since then had more tests and a Stress Test…. I tried to convince them running wasn’t going to show my stress, I wanted to be in an office cube with complaining clients and the new issue of the Rudder.  UGH, but the good news is, my heart is as healthy as an Ox. Never understood that cliche, since I have no desire to be a stew. Anyway,

Thanks Cade Martin for these fun photos. Yes these are my corporate portraits

The only explanation right now is stress and Anxiety. mmmmm, I wonder what that’s all about? I only work from 4 AM until when ever my staff leaves. Some nights at 10PM, or the 7 day work weeks flying to LA or drives to NY. BTW, WoodyBoater is a stress reliever, unless of course I am bitching about the Club that shall not be mentioned for my sanity.

Bob Kays boat name!

May is mental health month and it dawned me that boat rides are far more important than a joke about stress release. And yes, I got a Dr to agree. Here is the prescription.Thanks to Bob Kays who’s wonderful wife Denise is a MD.

I distorted her signature for obvious reasons. Thanks Denise, BOAT RIDES. Doctors orders

I own 5 boats and they are all in various states of repair to get ready for the season. And a long winter on Sausage Days had taken its tole on me. So this weekend. Maybe even tomorrow, Friday. Take the day off and go out on your boat. Your mental health will thank you.


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21 Responses to “I Thought I Was Having A Heart Attack On Stage – Boat Ride Prescribed.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Wow, Matt, I’m glad you are OK. Sure agree with the doctor’s orders, but think a little balance on the other side may also be in order. I have never regretted making the change to that retired life and have always kept happily busy. I think you could quickly retrain yourself also. Give it some thought!

  2. Steve in the woods

    At least when you got to the ER, the nurse in charge did not holler, “GD, he’s having one Now!”

  3. Wudzgud

    Matt, glad everything is ok. Go Boating with John if your boats are not ready yet. He is always out there. Your hand gestures were a little off in your picture though.

  4. Bilge Rat

    Open a can of varnish


    Repeat as necessary

  5. Old Salt

    First Matt I’m glad your OK.

    Second If a doctor prescribes boat rides can we have the insurance companies pay for the boats, the gas, and the up keep? (Just a thought)

  6. John Rothert

    Glad you are ok….seems obvious you overloaded. chill a bit.
    You can, as suggested above, always Go Boating with me.
    And….Troy is still in Va….I spent time on the water with he and Sandi last sunday…..if that doesn’t chill you out you are past hope….You could catch up with them before they head north…but you would have to drive to Hampton Roads…where the roads are packed and the drivers are nuts….so…bad ideal…just chill…go work on Sweet Pee some…..and oh yeah…hug the Boatress. We need you brother.
    John in Va.

    • Troy in VA

      Matt you REALLY need to learn to kick back some!

      Go ride with John it is AWESOME!

      • Troy in VA

        Always remember the saying: “Happy Wife, Happy Life!”

        • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

          You did it Troy! You sent pictures .Looks lie a fun ride, Very cool boat John. A definite stress reliever. I hope there were some refreshments on board.

  7. JFKarlson

    Good to know you’re good to go Matt. Thanks for the advice!

  8. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    Matt, Glad to hear you are ok. Slow down and smell the varnish, exhaust fumes, and the water. Take the boat out that needs the least work. That way you won’t be stressing on what you need to do to them. Take care of yourself. You are our leader and we need you! I was lucky enough to take a Dr. a boat ride two summers ago. He really seemed to enjoy it. They know what they are talking about.

  9. Royce Humphreys

    Matt, nothing like a health scare to reassess one’s life and focus on what is important in the daily circus wheel of business and life. I need your happy doctor to write me a script for the same and put in a healthy dose of sunshine and warmer temps! Cheers to you my friend!
    BTW, Did they make you turn your head and cough?

  10. Dick Dow

    My personal response to stress is straight forward: “When the going gets tough, the tough go boating…” I’ve been giving my friends and associates that little line for years and I mean it! Glad you are OK, but perhaps the pace is starting to take a toll. Let the respectful words of advice and support from your WB friends sink in – (can I use that term in a boat blog???) – we want you and Suzy around for as long as you have and want to share your passion for this hobby!

  11. Tracy

    Glad to hear you are ok! This happened to the hubby several years ago and it was stress and anxiety brought on by work. Our boat is the “happy place” that puts a smile on the face. I’m all for more water time.

  12. Wilson

    Matt: This may have been a signal to slow down and go boating….Glad all ended well.

  13. Dane

    Wow Matt, you correctly spelled anxiety.

    Love the key float. There is nothing like a boat ride to bring inner peace.

  14. WoodyGal

    Hey Matt, glad you are ok! Do heed the message…

  15. Bill Brooks

    How does one get one or your prescription bottle key deals ?

  16. Jeff N.

    Matt… glad you are ok. Take a break and relax and take the boat out all day.

  17. George Emmanuel

    Glad to know you are OK! If something happened to you, who would take photographs of me being towed in at Tavares? Hmmm, just wondering.