Scott’s Mom

There is one big truth in life, none of us would be here if not for our Mothers. Our Mother’s are a universal bond that we all share across the planet. And to think we only honor them for one day a year, seems rather slight. So today like every year, lets celebrate, our moms, Your children’s moms, and for Troy, future Mom’s. Now, go take your Mom out for a boat ride. Or sadly if she is no longer on earth she is in your heart.  And a boat ride with her today, might just make the Day a little happier. After all, thats what Mothers do best! Happy Mothers Day!

Danes Mom

My Mother and Father WW2 on the left, Aunt far right

Ken Furrers Mom in 1948!

Mother, father and child Chris Crafts

From Ken Furrer – Taken around 1960 Mom Dad and KEN! Still my favorite photo!

The Boatress and her Mom. Happy Mothers Day to both!



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14 Responses to “To All The Mom’s, Mudder’s, Momma’s, Ima’s, Mat’s, Madre’s, MeMom’s, and Mother’s Out There. Happy Mother’s Day.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Happy Mothers Day to all the WoodyBoater Moms and especially my first mate, also the Mom of my two wonderful daughters and Grandma of the Skipper and Captain. We all love you very much!

  2. Kelly Wittenauer

    Happy Mothers’ Day! Mom & one of my brothers on the 1959 Chris Craft cruiser in 1972.

  3. John Rothert

    what really cool pix…oh yeah and Happy Mother’s day to all you mothers….
    John Baas’ mom with the pheasants (?) and the ancient car….and the long barrel big gauge pump….wow…she was a real sportswoman back in the day. That Car is no Model T either…some high end job.
    Then there is Troy Mom! She doing sea doing at 90 unreal.
    Thanks for all these great pics….classics all.
    John in Va.

  4. Chug-A-Lug

    Happy mother’s day-mom.She’s still running the fishing camp that she and dad started in 1963.

  5. Andy C

    Happy mother’s day to all moms especially mine who is doing well after having her hip replaced. That is me in the front seat as a co captian.

  6. Wilson

    TheRector told us in church today….”Of course your mother knows how to push your buttons….She put them there. “

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    Happy Mothers Day to all you Mothers out there. Especially my Mom Alice, She enjoys water, family, and good times. Just like she has for the past 90 years


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