The arival

Late yesterday ish, the Tarp Find Cobra made her way to her home for a while. The team at Katzs marina started digging and looking around. She was purchased from Photos. This is one reason we have not had the full picture…ironically. But things will start appearing shortly.

Sean, Shawn, Shaun, and Seth looking over the Cobra

Remember that gas tank on the other side detail? Well, its a far bigger deal now that its clear the deck was not replaced

Gas filler on Starboard Side

. And only one Cobra 18 was made with the gas tank on that side. It is a different brand of fuel tank. Its in a paper trail, And that only boat is….




to be announced in the next episode of Tarp Find Cobra!

Pulling into Katzs Marina Ln.

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24 Responses to “Episode 6 – The Tarp Find Cobra Has Landed! She Made It In One-ish Piece.”
  1. Rick

    Must not drive to Katz’s today to find out for myself. Must exert self control. Matt you have a mean streak.

  2. Troy in ANE

    WHO SHOT Jr.?

    (Image may be subject to copyrights)

  3. John Rothert

    Hey, I AM JR and hope not to be shot….but might prefer a flesh wound to having to work on that bundle of sticks. They will get it together I have no doubt!

    John in Va

  4. The Cincinnati Kid

    Hey, hey, hey now! The bow light made it through the hit in one piece!

  5. Scott Campbell

    I think Matt nailed the name!
    Once restored, It’s new name has to be Underbite!

    • Floyd r turbo

      Reminds me of that anti-smoker commercial of the woman smoker who has little to no jaw left. Looks worse than I thought but total rebuild so that’s inconsequential.

  6. Cameron

    How much of the original boat has to be saved to call it THE original…….Cobra? It’s going to be close.

    • tom

      I don’t think it’s going to be close at all,obviously stem and keel are are gone Decks look like s–t,all foward topsides are gone.The biggest salvagable piece is the fiberglass,at least from the pictures.It’s a shame,but the accident damage looks more repairable than the damage from poor storage and Mother Nature,but i’d still go for it.

  7. Dave

    It would be fun to revisit the Cobra found in a remote South Dakota cornfield 15-20 years ago. It was beautifully restored and showed up at shows in Minnesota and elsewhere in the upper Midwest. I recall it was at an early show in Tavares.

  8. Old Salt

    Whats the deal with the flatbed truck? In some pictures the cobra is being towed behind the pickup truck and in other photos the cobra is on the flatbed truck.

  9. Mike Green

    Cool find!!! It is always great to find another Cobra I think that makes only 8 left out there that is not accounted for. I can tell you why the tank is on the other side and what hull number it is but I let you stretch this out for a while. It’s good advertising and I bet you could get like maybe 10 more stories out of it.

    • briant

      Does the fuel filler placement have to do with the type of engine and the vented forward carb flame arrestor placement, or just due to a special / enlarged fuel tank? Also, what are the chances of the hull number on the boat matching the hull number on the fiberglas gold fin? I understand that many do not match due to the manufacturing and assembly process.

  10. Jack Lynett

    Did you have to pay duty to bring that Canadian purchase into the USA .?

  11. Thomas Keyes

    The boat was transported from Antique Boat America on a flatbed to New Jersey. Looks like Seth met the transport driver in a parking lot to off load then he transported it to his shop.
    I am with Jaxon I’ve gotta P

  12. clayt

    notice those aft lift rings are not sideways. a lot of info can be taken from this boat.

  13. JohnU

    Dave, I saw a Cobra in a restoration shop in Lake Okoboji, IA decades ago that was found in SD. I don’t recall the shops name but they moved to SD years ago.

  14. Ed S

    Darn! Looks like the transfer to Seth’s F150 was done at the Jefferson Diner and we missed it. (There for lunch yesterday!)

  15. Dan T

    It’s only a barn find once with some crazy hole in the bow history. Should she be preserved as is?

  16. Dean

    I understand that the seaquel to this adventure is about the boat on the cradle pictured by the Katz Marina sign. I heard that it is the only ______ ever built with ______ and once belonged to _______. Can’t wait!