This is a Robertson head screw. It was a common screw head on boats back in the day. But we don’t see a bunch of them on Chris Crafts from the 1950’s So why is it on the Tarp Find Cobra? TOMORROW we break the news. No more teasing, because this little screw head confirmed 100% what we had thought. We did not want to divulge any of this until we could defend the crap storm of internet opinions until we could defend it. So tune into tomorrow for the big reveal.

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9 Responses to “BREAKING TARP FIND NEWS – Could This Screw Be One Of The Ultimate Barn Finds In Classic Boat History?”
  1. Mark Edmonson

    To race a boat in Canada it must be assembled in its home country

    • tom

      I used to call them Canadian heads.Wasn’t there a Shepherd front lift hook laying on the floor of this thing?

  2. Troy in ANE

    There is a LOT of chatter out there!

    The anticipation and element of surprise!

  3. Troy in ANE

    The plate being held on with that Robertson Head screw has a “B” on it.

    Could it read BR-18-???

    • Troy in ANE

      Now it’s in the header!

      That’s what you get for tuning in early!

  4. Ronald

    It confirms the real first Cobra prototype made in a secret Algonac location under total secrecy in a building with no windows 3-5 years before production actually began. This is Perry Mason,Sherlock Holmes,Who shot JR all in one story. Its all coming together now.