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Like Cushions? Like T Shirts? Like Saving Money? Well, have we got a deal for you. You, you cushion loving, T shirt wearing Cheap skate. You can now collect all three at once, and save. This series has become extremely popular, and as our T Shirt people, yes we have people..said, These are the best shirts yet! So lets get dressed for the summer and go woody boating, with a clean t-shirt for a change.

Flotation device shirt

And the all new WHAT KNOT? Shirt

We also have some FLATHEADS in stock.

If your t shirt collection looks like mine, they all have some sort of paint, varnish or grease stain on them. This way you can look dapper out on your boat.

These are $1 when you buy a 6 volt bilge pump from Jim Staib at Ask about the Woodyboater deal! While supplies last.


And for our regular Woody Boater readers, we have a special relationship with LOWTIMERS so you can order custom Chain stitched shirts. We will be doing a larger story on these. These start at $175

Any logo or name you want on a vintage shirt. This is the one I had made as a sample

Each shirt is vintage, flaws and all, the stitching is done on a vintage machine by hand.

And happy header day. Woke up late from a night of awards at the New Jersey Addies. We had a very good night. Which of course makes a bad morning. Hey, I got a story up at least. Now back to sleep.

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6 Responses to “The Cushion Series Sale – Buy All Three Save $10 PLUS, A Special Vintage Shirt New Deal!”
  1. Rick

    After 9am and no comments? Wow. Well there’s always this. May be subject to copyright.

  2. Matt

    Wow, it’s so peaceful today. Nothing like a t shirt sale to calm the waters

  3. Johnny V. aka John Vyverberg

    Varnishing in the AM,polishing chrome for re-installation in the afternoon. I’m getting closer to the end of a 20 year fluff….


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