Out for a run. This boat is fun fun fun!

Remember back in the day when a hammer was the number one tool to have? BFH to many of us. It solved many issues, and well. It wasnt the sign of the times, but the stuff we used needed a good beating every now and then to keep them going. Which explains why Chris Craft in their tool bag, would have had a hammer. now to anyone under the age of 30 is wondering what in the hell a hammer could do to on your engine. Well… Here is how it goes.

I am out ripping around. This little Stinker is like driveing an old Jag on a country road!

Zoom Zoom

Cough cough, sputter

GD! Dam thing.. Do I call Sea Tow? Jimmy? Or worse.. the Boatress, come get me! OH GOD!

DEAD IN THE WATER. I am getting too old for this.

Really? A Camera? But there you see the secret tool! Thors wonder tool. The original Chris Craft Hammer.

Yes that hammer.. Cause it is HAMMER TIME

Oh come on! You so knew this was coming.. now this ear worm will be in your head all day..

WHACK! actually a little tap on the carb around the needle

Two whacka doodles

I’m a Whacka Doodle Dandy!

Thor had his hammer, I have mine!

VROOM! Like new!

ACE mechanic!..ish.. Okay, yes I know I could clean that out other ways, and maybe a carb clean up would help. But what fun would that be? Hey, I cant even beat the stink out of her. LOVE!

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22 Responses to “It’s Hammer Time!”
  1. Captain Nemo

    If you can’t fix it with a hammer, it can’t be fixed!
    Words to live by.

  2. Johnny V./John Vyverberg

    My father used to refer to them as “metallic persuaders”.

  3. Greg Lewandowski

    In the old days in Chrysler assembly plants, body shop supervisors would carry a 4 lb. mallet for ”fine adjustments” of sheet metal fits.

  4. Dave

    Hey if you have a triple carb KFL, does the CC kit come with three hammers, one for each?

  5. Wudzgud

    Do I call Sea Tow? Jimmy? Or worse.. the Boatress, come get me! OH GOD!
    No Matt, you ask the person taking the pictures of you in the boat next to you, Do you have a line to tow me in?

    • matt

      Suspend reality for a second. I have also tried the turn it off and on again, analog reboot! That works sometimes as well

  6. Jack

    In my misspent youth in the metal industries. I had a short handled eight pound sledge for those tiny adjustments.
    I now claim I was a metallurgist, urging the metal to conform to my desires.

  7. Frank@Falmouth

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve got mine or others cars started by “fixing” the dead starter with a few taps of a hammer! Stuck solenoids… and a lighter touch for those sticky carb floats. Of course I’ve got An old Series II LandRover and that and crescent (don’t start on Witworth of any one knows what that is) wrench pliers and screwdriver are all you need!

    Great post today you really are going to shame me to splash one of mine someday!

    • Briant

      Don’t forget the light hammer touch on those Lucas fuel pumps in our British cars after the car sits for a few weeks! Ha!

  8. Randy

    You may have mentioned this before, but how in the heck did you get that CG number????? Perfect!!!!

  9. Andy C

    Matt, I feel for you as I had the exact same problem today with my ’56 capri. Had to smack each of the triple carbs to get the floats to unstick as I couldn’t get over 2000 rpms. Once I did that, it ran great.

  10. Matt

    That’s so cool you are running that thing. Love it. Does it come with a gold hammer?

  11. m-fine

    Living the rough life on Keuka. I have no desire to hammer anything right now.

  12. Mark in da U P

    Ah the beauty of carburetors. Try that with F I and you will f@(k it up. I worked on a carburetor once that someone had taken a hammer to the automatic choke I had to put a new carburetor on. Stinky looks good.