Cool, even when its 100 outside!

You remember back in the winter how much you missed those warm summer days? Just a reminder, so drink up gallons of water, and get out there. After all if you are moving out on the water, nature does kinda keep you cool. For the next couple days, we are gonna have some fun with how to be the coolest person out there.

It’s hot out there. Gar Wood and Airguide

After all, you may be dying of heat stroke on the inside, but as long as you are cool on the outside, then…well… thats cool.

Not sure if this is original or one of those new rip off fake vintage things.

Don’t forget to put on your Sun Screen Cream?

75 is a heat wave in some parts of the country, but here in VA 100 with 100% humidity is tough.. ish..

But thats not a Chris Craft? I am so confused. maybe I know to much to enjoy it all. If the boat is a Century and the logo Chris Craft, is the temperature right?

After all if its a BS sign, at least do it right, and this is cooler anyway!



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4 Responses to “Beat The Heat Wave In Classic Style.”
  1. Wilson

    Most of your thermometers are just under 70 degrees…Must be comfortable there.

  2. Reddog

    You can’t trust those Century guys noways. ( From a chris- craft).