The front end of “That’s Her” formerly a mail boat on the St. Lawrence River.

A huge thanks to Kent for shrring some of the 4000 images he took at this years Clayton show. We appreciate the hard work for sure. Taking photos is just one part of the art, weeding through them to find the magic is also part, as is bringing out the image in development. We also want to thank THE Antique Boat Museum for giving Kent total access to capture it all for us!  AND with actual factual captions! Here goes!

You never know what you’ll find in the auction – a 1908 Leyare 30’ built in Ogdensburg, NY.

Early morning in the boathouse. Note due to the high water, the museum built barriers on some docks and risers on others to keep the boats safe.

116 feet of modern Gar Wood goodness

G3whiz has a totally unique hull shape.

Morning blue hour looking down from the “La Duchesse” houseboat.

Clayton is not a static show – boats come and go all day, making for some challenging docking conditions.

Teddy and Bruin don the life jackets for a ride on “White Knuckles”

Captain George and his crew kept the Liberty engine in “Cicada” running like a top all weekend for rides and fly bys.

It’s just not a boat show without a rain storm, fortunately it was at the end of the day.

Ominous morning clouds gave way to perfect sunny skies, typical weather on the river.

Morning at the museum before the spectators arrive.

Judges hard at work doing what they do best.

Gus’ Minion won best non wood boat.

This duckling is not ugly! A Gar Wood sedan.

Some boats look fast just sitting at the dock.

With Liberty(s) for all…engines, that is. Aboard SNAIL.

Stay tuned! We are headed out to the water tomorrow with Kent O. Amazing stuff! Woohoooo-O

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14 Responses to “Kent O. Smith Jr Shares His Vision Of Clayton 2019 – Part 1”
  1. Bilge Rat

    Superb photography! Great to see the museum has adapted to the once again high water issues on the river. Hopefully the NYS Governor’s statement that this may be the new norm is wrong, but the show must still go on!

  2. Michael S. Maddox

    Wonderful photos, Kent! My favorite of today’s set is the shot of the Gar Wood, “Duckling.” Beautiful composition! I also love the time span / generational aspect of it with the fiberglass boat in the background, balancing the composition. Just gorgeous!

    I’m looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Ronald

    Its a great boat show for sure, Thanks for the pictures, I applaud the Snail, Those Liberty engines are so cool.

  4. Dick Dow

    Great shots! How interesting to see a Glasspar G3 turned into an inboard – that has to be a real screamer! Cool conversion.

  5. Michael Folsom

    Kent nails it once again. A magnificent eye for beauty!

  6. Graeme Hoatson Beattie

    Your photos inspire me to be a better boat photographer.

  7. Kent O

    Thank you all for the kind comments, glad you enjoyed! On water shots tomorrow…